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Game Compatibility

Unless otherwise noted, all games were tested with Wii7800's default settings.

Turn on debug information (via the advanced menu) to determine the "hash code" for the ROM that is being loaded.

Compatibility List Legend
100% Playable (minor bugs)
Playable (quite a few bugs)

Game Title Hash Wii7800 Version Notes
32 in 1 afe4eefc7d885c277fc0649507fbcd84 0.1-pre1 Cartridge has no header, not found in database.
3D Asteroids 4332c24e4f3bc72e7fe1b77adf66c2b7 0.1-pre1
Ace of Aces 0be996d25144966d5541c9eb4919b289 0.1-pre1
Alien Brigade 877dcc97a775ed55081864b2dbf5f1e2 0.1-pre1 Light gun game, but works with joysticks.
Asteroids 07342c78619ba6ffcc61c10e907e3b50 0.1-pre1
Asteroids Deluxe (Self-published) a65f79ad4a0bbdecd59d5f7eb3623fd7 0.1-pre1
Asteroids Deluxe (Self-published) f9fb84658c5586df159a0c75cc46b54c 0.1-pre1 Cartridge has no header, not found in database.

(use version listed above)

b*nQ (Self-published) ce6fbdc7b037a4efdaf87267f5f292cc 0.1-pre1
Ballblazer 8fc3a695eaea3984912d98ed4a543376 0.1-pre1
Barnyard Blaster 42682415906c21c6af80e4198403ffda 0.1-pre1 Requires light gun.
Basketbrawl f5f6b69c5eb4b55fc163158d1a6b423e 0.1-pre1
Beef Drop (Self-published) 89f90b661d1b79e956b10bb6a9771f78 0.1-pre1
Centipede 5a09946e57dbe30408a8f253a28d07db 0.1-pre1
Choplifter 93e4387864b014c155d7c17877990d1e 0.1-pre1
Commando 2e8e28f6ad8b9b9267d518d880c73ebb 0.1-pre1
Crack'ed db691469128d9a4217ec7e315930b646 0.1-pre1 Light gun game, but works with joysticks.
Crossbow a94e4560b6ad053a1c24e096f1262ebf 0.1-pre1 Light gun game, but works with joysticks.
Dark Chambers 179b76ff729d4849b8f66a502398acae 0.1-pre1
Desert Falcon 95ac811c7d27af0032ba090f28c107bd 0.1-pre1
Diagnostic Test Cartridge 91041aadd1700a7a4076f4005f2c362f 0.1-pre1 Not found in database.
Dig Dug 731879ea82fc0ca245e39e036fe293e6 0.1-pre1
Donkey Kong 19f1ee292a23636bd57d408b62de79c7 0.1-pre1
Donkey Kong Jr 5e332fbfc1e0fc74223d2e73271ce650 0.1-pre1
Double Dragon 543484c00ba233736bcaba2da20eeea9 0.1-pre1
F-18 Hornet 2251a6a0f3aec84cc0aff66fc9fa91e8 0.1-pre1
F-18 Hornet 1362ef78f92ff88c59af58ba26c2722e 0.1-pre1 Locks up after mission screen.

(use version listed above)

Fatal Run d25d5d19188e9f149977c49eb0367cd1 0.1-pre1
Fight Night 07dbbfe612a0a28e283c01545e59f25e 0.1-pre1
Food Fight cf76b00244105b8e03cdc37677ec1073 0.1-pre1
Froggie (Self-published) 13f11c4e8c019ee326b571d059accea4 0.1-pre1 (prototype) Sound isn't complete.
Galaga fb8d803b328b2e442548f7799cfa9a4a 0.1-pre1
Gato 06204dadc975be5e5e37e7cc66f984cf 0.1-pre1 (prototype)
Hat Trick fd9e78e201b6baafddfd3e1fbfe6ba31 0.1-pre1
Ikari Warriors c3672482ca93f70eafd9134b936c3feb 0.1-pre1
Impossible Mission baebc9246c087e893dfa489632157180 0.1-pre1
Jinks 045fd12050b7f2b842d5970f2414e912 0.1-pre1
Joust f18b3b897a25ab3885b43b4bd141b396 0.1-pre1
Junior Pac-Man (Self-published) afcc1ff25d2e504591091306ea84ece5 0.1-pre1
Karateka c3a5a8692a423d43d9d28dd5b7d109d9 0.1-pre1
Klax 17b3b764d33eae9b5260f01df7bb9d2f 0.1-pre1
Kung Fu Master f57d0af323d4e173fb49ed447f0563d7 0.1-pre1
Mario Bros. 431ca060201ee1f9eb49d44962874049 0.1-pre1
Mat Mania Challenge 37b5692e33a98115e574185fa8398c22 0.1-pre1
Mean 18 Ultimate Golf f2f5e5841e4dda89a2faf8933dc33ea6 0.1-pre1
Meltdown bedc30ec43587e0c98fc38c39c1ef9d0 0.1-pre1 Requires light gun.
Midnight Mutants bc1e905db1008493a9632aa83ab4682b 0.1-pre1 Some minor graphical glitches (may just be the way the game is).
Missing in Action 017066f522908081ec3ee624f5e4a8aa 0.1-pre1 (prototype) Major graphical glitches.
Motor Psycho 3bc8f554cf86f8132a623cc2201a564b 0.1-pre1
Ms. Pac-Attack (Self-published) d8dbb5c4d7d02e6b0627df8f657a13b4 0.1-pre1
Ms. Pac-Man (Self-published) cf007563fe94cacf5ea5295dc93ce9ef 0.1-pre1
Ms. Pac-Man fc0ea52a9fac557251b65ee680d951e5 0.1-pre1
Ninja Golf 220121f771fc4b98cef97dc040e8d378 0.1-pre1
One On One 74569571a208f8b0b1ccfb22d7c914e1 0.1-pre1 Game plays too fast.

Reduce it to 30fps (advanced options menu), but then sound plays too slow.

Another option is adding the "CARTRIDGE_CYCLE_STEALING_MASK" flag, but it causes some graphical glitches (middle of the screen) and appears to play too slow.

Pac-Man Collection (Self-published) 368c3bfa91cf2bb8413967eb0c392c6c 0.1-pre1
Pete Rose Baseball 1a5207870dec6fae9111cb747e20d8e3 0.1-pre1
Pit Fighter ec206c8db4316eb1ebce9fc960da7d8f 0.1-pre1 (prototype)
Planet Smashers 33aea1e2b6634a1dec8c7006d9afda22 0.1-pre1
Plutos 86546808dc60961cdb1b20e761c50ab1 0.1-pre1
Pole Position II 584582bb09ee8122e7fc09dc7d1ed813 0.1-pre1
Rampage ac03806cef2558fc795a7d5d8dba7bc0 0.1-pre1
Rampart 442761655bb25ddfe5f7ab16bf591c6f 0.1-pre1 (prototype)
Real Sports Baseball bfad016d6e77eaccec74c0340aded8b9 0.1-pre1
Rescue On Fractalus 8f7eb10ad0bd75474abf0c6c36c08486 0.1-pre1 (prototype)
Robotron 66ecaafe1b82ae68ffc96267aaf7a4d7 0.1-pre1 Supports dual analog mode for Classic and Gamecube controllers (must be enabled).
Scrapyard Dog 980c35ae9625773a450aa7ef51751c04 0.1-pre1
Sentinel b697d9c2d1b9f6cb21041286d1bbfa7f 0.1-pre1 Requires light gun.
Sirius 2d643ac548c40e58c99d0fe433ba4ba0 0.1-pre1
Space Duel (Self-published) 771cb4609347657f63e6f0eb26036e35 0.1-pre1
Space Invaders (Self-published) 6adf79558a3d7f5beca1bb8d34337417 0.1-pre1
Summer Games cbb0746192540a13b4c7775c7ce2021f 0.1-pre1
Super Huey UH-IX cc18e3b37a507c4217eb6cb1de8c8538 0.1-pre1
Super Pac-Man (Self-published) 7ab539bb0e99e1e5a1c89230bde64610 0.1-pre1
Super Skatebordin' 59b5793bece1c80f77b55d60fb39cb94 0.1-pre1
Tank Command 44f862bca77d68b56b32534eda5c198d 0.1-pre1
Title Match Pro Wrestling 1af475ff6429a160752b592f0f92b287 0.1-pre1
Tomcat F-14 Simulator c3903ab01a51222a52197dbfe6538ecf 0.1-pre1
Touchdown Football 208ef955fa90a29815eb097bce89bace 0.1-pre1
Tower Toppler d12e665347f354048b9d13092f7868c9 0.1-pre1
WASP! (Self-published) 431ba86b75b9a5e51fde4091a5d1cc90 0.1-pre1
Water Ski acf63758ecf3f3dd03e9d654ae6b69b7 0.1-pre1
Winter Games 3799d72f78dda2ee87b0ef8bf7b91186 0.1-pre1
Xenophobe 05fb699db9eef564e2fe45c568746dbc 0.1-pre1
Xevious d7dc17379aa25e5ae3c14b9e780c6f6d 0.1-pre1 To enable separate laser and bomb buttons, you must turn on the left difficulty switch.

Enable the difficulty switches (via the advanced menu), then turn on the left difficulty switch when playing the game.

Need to test:

  • Combat 1990
  • Cuttle Cart 2
  • High Score Cartridge
  • Monitor Cartridge