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This page is a list of homebrew releases and updates, used for the "Latest homebrew releases" section on the Main Page.

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  • 08 October 08: r0n a.k.a. fcorbier has released MPlayerWii v0.07. He claims to have fixed the color banding issues with this version. The player now also has OSD support.
  • 08 October 08: Crayon has released Wii-Tac-Toe 0.2. This version fixes a few bugs and adds new graphics.
  • 06 October 08: Tantric has released a new version of Visual Boy Advance GX 1.0.2. This version has the VBA-M core, and adds DVD/SMB/ZIP/MC support.
  • 06 October 08: Hermes has released a new version of WiiEngine 1.5b. This version fixes the save bug.
  • 05 October 08: Miom has released SD Explorer 1.0b. This version adds a copy function, uses a new skin, and fixes the delete corruption bug.