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Author(s)Marko, Dogmander,Auto1lija
Contributor(s)Marko, Dogmander, Spotlight, Rocket, 6100m,Auto1lija,JG

WiiLink24 is an alternative WiiConnect24 service provider for Nintendo Wii. It was originally founded by Dogmander,Marko and Auto1lija in April 2020 as "Rii No Ma" with the sole goal of reviving Wii No Ma. However, following the merge with BetterConnect24 and a change in command structure, it became WiiLink24 in Sept. 2020.

As of now, WiiLink24 is still in very early testing stages and has yet to see a public release of any sort.


In April of 2020, Marko (aka Markojerry) and Dogmander created the Wii no Ma revival project, named "Rii no Ma". Then after poking around in HEX files for a bit and finding random details, a new branch of the project was made, "Archive No Ma". It's goal was to find the content hosted on Wii no Ma and archive it for later use on the revived app.


April 2020: Project Created along with Archive no ma

June 2020: Rocket joined making some of the first major discoveries.

Late August 2020: Project merged with BetterConnect24. SDH becomes owner of the project.

Late September 2020: Project Becomes WiiLink24 and Spotlight Joins. Rocket Becomes the Owner of the project

October 2020: Spotlight starts actively working on the project, bringing near daily breakthroughs on the Wii no Ma portion of the WiiLink24 Project.

Supported Software

  • News Channel
  • Weather Channel
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Wii No Ma (Private beta)