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Contributor(s)Spotlight, Dogmander, Auto1lija, Rocket, 6100m, JG, a32bitmint, Glitch, Larsenv, Marko

This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

It is recommended to have a NAND backup with either BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader with BootMii as IOS installed before proceeding with the usage of this application.

WiiLink24 is an alternative WiiConnect24 service provider for Nintendo Wii. It was originally founded by Dogmander, Marko and Auto1lija in April 2020 as "Wii No Ma development" later renamed "Rii no Ma" with the sole goal of reviving Wii no Ma. However, following the merge with BetterConnect24 and a change in command structure, it became WiiLink24 in September 2020.

As of now, WiiLink24 is in public beta stages and this wiki page will update frequently to reflect its progress.


In April 2020, Marko (aka Markojerry) and Dogmander created the Wii no Ma revival project, named "Rii no Ma". Then after poking around in a hex editor for a bit and finding random details. A new branch of the project was made called "Archive no Ma". Its goal was to find the content hosted on Wii no Ma and archive it for later use on the revived app.


April 2020

  • Project created along with Archive no Ma.

June 2020

  • Rocket joined making some of the first major discoveries.

August 2020

  • Project merged with BetterConnect24.
  • SDH becomes the owner of the project.

September 2020

  • Project becomes WiiLink24 and Spotlight joins.
  • Rocket becomes the owner of the project.

October 2020

  • Spotlight starts actively working on the project, bringing near daily breakthroughs on the Wii no Ma portion of the WiiLink24 project, such as, getting Wii No Ma to run the Mii select screen as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icsmKq9_t8g
  • Glitch joins and begins doing voluntary translations for Wii no Ma, translating from Japanese to English.
  • Work begins on English language builds of Wii no Ma aka Wii Room.
  • A translation of Dokodemo Wii no Ma is announced and the logos for both are unveiled.
  • A very early release of Wii no Ma is released with support for clicking on posters to reveal shows (rating doesn't work right now) and getting to the room.
  • Rocket steps down for a break and Spotlight replaces him as owner.
  • Rocket Returns as owner only a day later

November 2020

  • Work on RC24 alternative apps is ceased
  • Wii No Ma company parade is added
  • Work begins on Japanese apps Other then Wii Room/Wii No Ma
  • Wii No Ma v770/v3 is revived with video support from day one (still private beta)
  • Work begins on reverse-engineering the mobiclip video/audio codec used in Wii No Ma v1025/v4
  • Agreement made with RiiConnect24 to use the RiiConnect24 Patcher for distribution of WiiLink24 channels
  • A very early build of the Digicam print channel is made that can get to the menu and do nothing else
  • Leaking becomes a major problem (starting with the Ryal VC leaks then followed by the SDH leaks)
  • Anti-leak measures are added to the Wii No Ma wads
  • Digi is created by a32bitmint to be the project's mascot
  • JG announces that Digicam Print Channel works fully (with the exception of receiving the photos)

December 2020

  • A method is found for making new mobiclips on Wii No Ma v4
  • Its decided that WiiLink24 will have its own pacther
  • Wii No Ma Public Beta is released on December 5th

Supported Software

Note that as of December 5, 2020, all channels besides Wii No Ma/Wii Room v1024/v4 are in private beta

  • Wii no Ma/Wii Room v1025/v4 (Public Beta!!)
  • Wii no Ma/Wii Room v770/v3
  • Digicam Print Channel
  • Demae Channel