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| version    = 0.1 (08-20-2008)
| version    = 0.1 (08-20-2008)
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
| hbc = 1
| hbc         = 1
| hbb = 1
| hbb         = 1
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* Show upcoming songs
* Show upcoming songs
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WiiMPC is a simple MPD client for the Wii.

It utilizes the WiiMote to control your music server with buttons for play/pause/stop, change song, and change volume. The screen shows the current song, song position, and volume.

Install WiiMPC like any other HomeBrew channel app; then create a file in the wiimpc directory called wiimpc.conf, with a single line in it:

MPD_HOST = mpdserver

where "mpdserver" is the hostname of the machine running MPD.

The source is available, and of course patches are welcome.


Controller Button Action
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote A Button Play / Pause
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote 2 Button Stop
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote D-Pad Left Previous Song
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote D-Pad Right Next Song
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote + Button Volume Up
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote - Button Volume Down
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote HOME Button Return to HBC

Change Log


  • Scrolls title if too long
  • Control with any wiimote
  • Prettify filename (when used as song title)


  • Initial Release

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes freezes on "Exiting, please wait..."


  • Fancier graphics
  • Ability to enter mpd server name (e.g., via OSK)
  • Ability to clear/change/shuffle playlist (e.g., via a home-button menu)
  • Show upcoming songs