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TypeNAND Dumper
LicenseNo license
Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device


This app dumps to USB and SD: If an usb device is plugged in it will dump to usb. If no usb device is inserted it will dump to sd ;)

To extract the dump you need your NAND AES KEY, you can get that by using Xyzzy. If you have runned xyzzy there is a file called keys.txt in the root of your sd card. Open it and look for NAND AES KEY. Now make a folder called keys in c:\ and open your favorite hex editor and copy the NAND AES CODE from keys.txt into your hex editor and save the file as nand-key.bin in the keys folder. Now just run "extract.exe" and select the nand-dump.img file and it will copy the .img file to the directory where the .exe is and extract it.


Wiipower and TheLemonMan to help me out with code issue's etc and to keep helping me :) Segher to make the original nand extractor (zestig) for linux. Hossman to make the little gui for the extractor ;) Waninkoko to original make the nand dumper. me, myself and i (nicksasa) to mod the nand dumper to include USB and to port it to the new libogc and to port zestig from segher's tool to windows.