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WiiPhysics is a physics playground for the Wii, much like Crayon Physics or PocketPhysics. It uses Box2D and libwiisprite.

Project Info


Demo video of WiiPhysics 2.1 in action:


The svn repository can be found here: wiiphysics.googlecode.com.


Enjoy wiiphysics so much that you feel obligated to buy a beer for the developer? Feel free, I like beer!


2008.08.31 - v2.2.0

  • Changelog:
    • +Added Weld Joint
    • +Added a second player (with limited capability)
      • (Second player can drag, toss, freeze, unfreeze shapes)
    • +Fixed Jumping of pen drawn shapes on create
    • +Fixed placement of pin (proper pin joints now)
    • +Added realistic grass.
    • +Fixed bugs and crashes. (Specficially related to pully)
    • +Restructured backend data management system.
    • +Fixed pointer detection for selecting rectangles.
    • +Added Support Button
    • +Increased Object Limits

2008.08.27 - v2.1.0

  • Changelog:
    • +Added fully scrollable world with ground
      • up, down, left, right to pan (Or just move the pointer to the edge of the screen)
    • +Added minimap for scrolling around world
    • +Added ability to fix camera to an object for easy following around world
      • Hit 1 on any object to attach camera (works best on circles and squares)
      • (To detach, just hit 1 anywhere on the screen)
    • +Added sky, with dynamic clouds
      • (You now know when you are in freeze b/c the clouds stop moving)
    • +Fixed jumping of rectangles on draw
    • +Lots of bug fixes

2008.08.25 - v2.0.0

  • Changelog:
    • +Added pen joint for moving dynamic objects
      • -You can now "Throw" objects
    • +Added distinction between objects that are frozen and mobile to make it obvious to the user whats frozen
    • +Fixed some bugs (Including crash from drawing small boxes)
    • +Keep objects from jumping when you select them
    • +Improved intro screen
    • +increased pen draw size
    • +started on framework for zoomable worlds

2008.07.08 - v1.3.0

  • Changelog:
    • +In Game Help
    • +Pen Drawing added
    • +Reset Button Added
    • +Added BG Music
    • +Bug fixes
    • +Initial action sounds (Using Sndlib)
    • +Intro Screen while wiiphysics constructs
    • +Main Menu
    • +Added Prismatic (Slider) Joint
    • +Added Settings Menu
    • +Added configurable Color
    • +Added configurable Density
    • +Added Show/Hide Menu Button
    • +Increased world size (no longer hit the bottom with too many objects)
    • +Fixed layout
    • +Reset velocity to 0 if you grab an object
    • +Fixed Freeze Unfreeze (Hit B while you have object selected to swap)
    • +Dynamic Gravity Setting GUI
    • +Dynamic Restitution GUI (Change individual object bouncieness)
    • +Dynamic Friction GUI

2008.06.30 - v1.2

  • Changelog:
    • +Removed need for /data directory, compacting wiiphysics into single boot.elf file
    • +Added Undo Button
    • +Pulleys, Ropes and Gears (Pin) work great now
    • +Improved Icons and layout
    • +Line Drawing works perfect now
    • +Many Bug fixes, clean up

2008.06.29 - v1.1

  • Changelog:
    • +Added Line (Dynamic rectangle) Drawing
    • +Clear Screen Button
    • +Pulley/joint bug fixes to stop crashing!
    • +fixed layout a bit

2008.06.28 - v1.0-Initial Release


To show off some of the things you can do with wiiphysics; I'm going to start doing a weekly contest. No prizes sadly (Unless someone wants to step forward to sponsor and offer up a prize. But, the winner of the contest gets to choose the next weeks contest.) (A winner will be chosen by the wednesday following the contest end date).

Pinball Wizard (8/31/2008 - 9/7/2008)

Build the best, working pinball machine you can using Wiiphysics. Must have at least two paddles, and some form of ball launcher. Submit links to video of your machine when you are finished. Contest ends 9/8/2008 at 0:00. Winner announched 9/10/2008. Good luck!


Bug Reporting

Any feature requests/ issues you'd like fixed should be reported here: http://code.google.com/p/wiiphysics/issues/list

Physics Tools Overview

Tools Overview:

  • Select - Use this tool to select objects, hold A to drag them around, hold A on an object and press B to toggle static/dynamic
  • Pen Tool - Hold A and draw a line with the pen. When you release A the ends of the line join up to form a shape.
  • Circle Tool - Press A to place a circle. Use + and - to increase/decrease the size.
  • Square Tool - Press A to place a square. Use + and - to increase/decrease the size.
  • Clear Screen (Bomb) - Clear everything. Useful to make some space, or when things start to lag.
  • Undo - Undo the previous action.


  • Rope Joint - Connect two objects by a rope
    • Click on two Objects to connect them
  • PinJoint - Create a rotation joint using 2 objects
    • Single Click on on an object(s) to set up a rotation relationship
      • Clicking on a single object pins it to the screen. Clicking on two items stacked up pins those objects together (e.g. Ragdolls))
  • Pulley Joint = Click on three objects to set up a pulley system
    • 2nd object is the pulley anchor
  • Prismatic Joint = Click on two points to set up a slider joint.
  • Weld Joint = Click on two objects to weld them together.

Object Control

  • Mobile Objects - Select this to place dynamic objects which move and obey gravity
  • Frozen Objects - Select this to place static objects which stay where you place them

Sim Control

  • Run - Run the simulation.
  • Stop - Freeze/pause the simulation. You should pause to place dynamic objects where you want them.


See in-game help for controls.