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We have a lot of different varieties of people with wi-fi setups on the Wii and a lot of different issues. To gather information on how to fix this please add your own personal setup details to the table below.

  • User: Input your user name.
  • Router Name: Put your brand name and model number
  • Wii System Version: Go to your system settings and view the top right number/letter. Please only include the letter not the full counrty code as in use: 3.3U NOT 3.3USA. Not being mean, just looks better.
  • Homebrew Channel Version: Either Beta 7 or Beta 8
  • Type Of Security: Enter what type of security if any on your router
  • Working: Does it work at all or on what but doesn't work on something else like: "Works on HBC all the time but only sometimes on the HBB".


User Router Name Wii System Version Homebrew Channel Version Type Of Security Working
Pinball Wizard Linksys DI-624 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Always Working
tbolado Belkin Wireless G Router 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Always Working
Remadon Netgear WPN824 v2 3.3 U Beta 8 WEP Usually Works, Sometimes fails in normal Games and HBB, always Works in HBC.
DanielHueho Netgear WGR614 v7 3.3U Beta 8 WPA2-Personal Always works in normal Games and HBB, fails in HBC (Wiiload)
Blooper4912 2Wire 2701 HG 3.3U Beta 8 WPA Always works in normal games, fails to initialize in HBC once in a while.
Celebraces ASUS WL-502GC 3.1E Beta 8 WPA Always Works