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The Wii Mini is a cheaper revision of the Wii, released in 2013. Due to the lack of an SD slot and internet capability, none of the previous exploits worked. Currently, the only working exploit is Bluebomb, which uses the USB port and bluetooth interface.

Enabling ethernet

Ethernet can be enabled on the Wii mini by running Ethernet Enabler. This is due to the fact that the ethernet drivers are still present in the Wii mini, despite not being usable from the System Menu.

cIOS for the Wii mini

Note: cIOS is often used for piracy. This, however, is not the intent of this software. Please do not treat it as such.

 This cIOS version is only for the Wii Mini. Be also aware that cIOS for Wii Mini is still experimental, though no problems have been reported yet

1. Download the Leseratte’s d2xl cIOS Installer

2. Put the cIOS Installer in the apps folder on the USB drive. (If not there you can make a folder called apps)

3. Insert your USB drive into your Wii mini and load The cIOS Installer from the Homebrew Channel.

4. Press continue, then set the options to the following

Select cIOS: d2xl-v1-beta2

Select cIOS base: 57

Select cIOS slot: 249

Take a note of the version number (either v31776 or v31775)

5. Once set, press A to install. Once done successfully, exit the installer.

⦿ If the install fails with a TMD version mismatch error, move the +Control pad left or right in the Select cIOS option until the version number is different than the one you tried before.

Installing a normal System Menu

A normal Wii's System Menu can also be installed into the Wii mini. However, there are some bricking risks. To avoid bricking your Wii mini, be sure to follow these steps closely.

  1. Download System Menu 4.3 for your region using NUS Downloader.
  2. Download and apply an IOS80-nowifi patch.
  3. Download DOP-Mii onto your USB stick.
  4. Install IOS80-nowifi using DOP-Mii.
    • This step is crucial, as a normal System Menu attempts to test WiFi immediately when it boots, which fails on the Wii mini since it does not have WiFi support.
    • DO NOT install the wrong IOS! Doing so will probably brick the Wii Mini, even if you do not install a normal System Menu.
  5. Install the downloaded System Menu using DOP-Mii.


BootMii can only be installed as an IOS on the Wii mini. Additionally, BootMii requires an SD slot and reset button to be wired to the console, since USB is not supported. However, several people have done this before.

Discussion and Support

Support for the Wii Mini can be found on Discord.