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Yabause Wii

Yabause Wii is a Sega Saturn emulator for wii, though its sill in alpha1 so if your not ready to help with the dev you should wait abit longer

Latest Forum News

I made some minor changes to the source code I took the cue support out of yui.c and also all the non working stuff of the menu With this version you can load only the iso The iso must be renamed to game.iso The bios must be named bios.bin you need the following structure

apps\yabause\boot.elf apps\yabause\game.iso apps\yabause\bios.bin (tested with european bios)

the rar has a compiled binary and includes modified source code (i changed yui.c) a logo and a xml

This is maybe not a 100% solution but at least it should let you play more games . I am just learning to programm in C

I tested it with bubble bubble and it works at almost full speed the colours of the intro are just a little mixed up

Credit goes to team yabause for their awesome work