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Todas as aplicações listadas nesta wiki ou são completamente original ou portos de software livre, e, portanto, são legais. Nenhum software listado nesta wiki é licenciada ou endossado em nenhuma maneira qualquer pela Nintendo.


Media players

Vídeo e áudio

Título Descrição Autor
GeeXboX Linux-based port of GeeXboX, which uses MPlayer for playback. The GeeXboX Team
MPlayer CE (PT) Native MPlayer port, a fork of the Team Twiizers MPlayer port, combining elements of MPlayerWii and GeeXboX. Scip, rodries, etc.
MPlayer TT Native MPlayer port to demonstrate DVD functionality. Team Twiizers
MPlayerWii Native MPlayer port. rOn
Wii MFE Port Linux-based port of MPlayer. nuvalo

Audio unicamente

Título Descrição Autor
DragonMedia Player Music player with a skinnable interface. It supports a lot of sound formats. DragonMinded
HiivelyPlay HVL/AHX tracker player. Xeron/IRIS
WiiMPC MPD client Sshock
WiiRadio ShoutCast client scanff


Título Descrição Autor
Alarmii Alarm clock for Wii Blitter
Balance Board Tools Balance tools for your enjoyment elisherer
CheatManager (PT) Criar un ficheiro GCT por ser usado com Gecko OS (e para fazer batota) Spritez
Code Downloader Download txt code files from WiiRD Database linus
ftpii FTP server joedj
Homebrew Browser Install the latest homebrew games and applications all through your Wii teknecal
Leveltool A spirit-level using your wiimote Alanceil
Metronome A Metronome for your Wii Westy92
Playstats Wii playtime history statistics chris
Ocarina Cheat code engine for the Wii Link
SD Explorer SD card file manager miom
TopEdit Text File Editor georgp24
txt-read Allows you to view text files Muzer
txtEd Simple Text Mode File Editor linus
txtEd Mod Simple Text Mode File Editor Freigeist
WiiBServer Tiny unfinished HTTP/1.0 web server Jay
Wiicm Cheat Code Manager linus
WiiEarth Google maps like app PaulWagener
Wiihttpd Simple multi-threaded HTTP Webserver for the Wii teknecal
WiiPaint Draw on Wii using a custom GRRLIB 2.0 Kontakatilu
WiiStrobe Turn your TV into a strobe light! Pinecone
Wii Web Server Serves web-pages Cboomf + Felix123 + Others
WiiWhiteboard Interactive Whiteboard Bg

Operating systems

Título Descrição Autor
Wii Linux Wii-Linux debian based distro GC-Linux
WiiShell UNIX-like shell Aksommerville


Título Descrição Autor
Automatii cellular automata (life) gcb
Mandelbrot Mandelbrot fractal generator Krupkat
WiiCalc Full Featured Calculator PaceMaker
WiiLife Also cellular automata drei000
WPCP Wii Pi Calculation Project MadCatMk2



Title Description Author
Ascii-Pong Pong game in console mode Felix + Georg Potthast
Aspirin Avoid the lines and collect the dots. Guglo
Ballion Destroy blocks with a ball Mega Man
BlastGuy Bomberman-clone TheDrev
Blisterball A remake of the great Apple ][ game. Jon Conrad
Bugiin Swat the bugs! brunette_redhead
CharioMan A simple anti-pong game Cortes48
Double Dash Wii Boulder Dash clone BlackWhiteEagle and Michal Benes
Gravity Universal Gravitation rockybulwinkle
Komopong wii A futuristic pong copete23
Mad Bomber Kaboom Clone MiniK
Particle accelerator My first homebrew game. Features 70's videogame-style graphics and 'menus' Bubble-07
Pong2 Pong game wplaat
RedSquare Classic 2D action game wplaat
Snake Control the snake and eat apples uschghost / gabriel_
Twist Retro style, physics-based, puzzle adventure Darrenm
Wii Breakout Breakout JSLemming
Wiibreaker Brickbreaker Game Arikado
Wiilander Lunar Lander 2D Manny2008
WINTERMAN Bomberman-clone Headless_dog
zeRace Funny retro racing game Royale


Title Description Author
Another Rock Paper Scissors Another RPS game. With 2 player mode Forgotten Linkz
BuscaWiinas Just another minesweeper Jomofer
Chess A simple port of a chess game, TSCP hanse
Hex Classical 2 player board game Flarup
Hexxagon DOS strategy game, loosely based upon Othello and Ataxx! Tantric
Horror Vacui An 8-bit board game of sorts Sinman
iiii A connect 4 game Yossi
Mahjongg Wii A MahJongg solitaire game JustWoody
Rock Paper Scissors Play RPS against a computer! Kazart
TicTacToe Beat the Computer bmic
Wii-Tac-Toe Tic-Tac-Toe game for one or two players Crayon
Wiiship Battleships AcADIeN
X and O(Learn from Code Edition) X and O game for 2 players SAL3000
Yahtzwii Yahtzee chris


Title Description Author
Freecell Freecell Card Game WhoDares
LPairs Simple memory game ThErZA
Matching Cards Pair up all the cards before the time runs out teknecal
UNO Card game kriogeN
Wii Solitaire Klondike Solitaire Game Wil
WiiPoker Video Poker Beardface

Game engine

Title Description Author
ONScripter Visual Novel Engine Brian
OpenBOR Moddable beat-em-up game engine Kungpow, Nuvalo
Q1Rev A port of the Quake engine to the Nintendo Wii Izhido
Quake Wii 3D first-person shooter Piko
QuakeGX 3D first-person shooter Eluan
Raw Port of Raw game engine Bigs
REminiscence Port of REminiscence game engine Bigs
ScummVM Allows you to run numerous classic graphical point-and-click adventure games dhewg


Title Description Author
Guitarfun Port of the game Guitarfun Hermes
Harmonium A musical doodling game, with a twist. MetaFight
Supersonic Wii Musical rhythm game AerialX


Title Description Author
Christmas-Type Adventure Time Christmas themed sidescrolling platformer mntorankusu
Commander K. Wii A port of CloneKeen Bigs
Giddy 3 Platform puzzler xeron
Helium boy 3d platformer beril
Jump 'n Bump Game with bunnies and blood Amarth
MyLittleBall The fun game for all the family! Pinecone
projectGMC 2.5d platformer beril
Rick Dangerous Wii Jump'n'Run Gouky
Shiny Red Tank An old-school 2D platformer MetaFight
StarPlot Recover as many stars as you can Morukutsu
StillAliveWii Platforming game inspired by the valve classic Portal t4ils
Super Mario War Wii Port of Super Mario War Tantric


Title Description Author
Arcade Jigsaw First Person Jigsaw mdm2k
Briicks Lumines clone Liki
Cubiic Rubik's cube koopa
Goblin's Cube Rubik's cube with accelerometer motion detection sponters
ItalianParking Classic escape puzzle game in 3D ElectroKidd
Jewel Quest A 3 match puzzle game similar to Bejewelled mcartman
LightsOut Try to turn out all the lights JigPu
Minesweeper Clear the field while avoiding the mines. mangaman3000
Paradroid Port of SDL Paradroid Okachobi
Piero's Wiicross Picture puzzle game in Picross style Scognito
Portii 2D portal-esque clone Beardface
PsyKoTrope Little box Puzzle game coded with only 150 GRRLIB lines NoNameNo
Rokoban 3d Sokoban game ZaloDS
SameGame Tile puzzle game Meir Goldstein
Scogger Frog puzzle game Scognito
SpaceBubble Space bubble breaker wplaat
Sudoku Put the numbers in the squares dlkj
Sudoku2 Put the numbers in the squares. With audio and better graphics bmic
SYASokoban Wii Port of David Joffe's SYASokoban game Shin-NiL
Tetris Wii Rotate and move falling blocks to make lines DesktopMan
Uschtris Another Tetris Clone Uschghost

Role playing

Title Description Author
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Port of the DOS original PaceMaker
Dungeons A mini RPG for Wii Iron Hand
POWDER Port of the SDL version of Jeff Lait's GBA/DS roguelike insin


Title Description Author
Asteroids Destroy asteroids in space aksommerville
Barrage Destroy Targets Mindcry
Bichejos Light gun game nozintusei
CombatWii Multiplayer tank shooter spiffen
CosmoRaketti A 3D space shooter Tassu
Defendguin Linux themed Defender clone MiniK
Duck Hunt Clone of the NES duck shooting game Knight0fDragon
Kobo Deluxe Scrolling shoot 'em up Albert "isobel" Herranz
Masteroids Multiplayer asteroids feesh
Missile Command Save your cities from missiles ulti
Nowell 2D shoot'em up - "Sandwiches can't always save Christmas !" Emvivre
OpenTyrianWii Arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter Nuvalo
SDL Space Invaders Clone of the classic Space Invaders game using SDL Felix + Georg Potthast
Smashing! Smash 3d Targets warpfish
Space Shooter Shoot Stuff In Space! PaceMaker
Super Star Shooter Scrolling shooter game Ichiroh Satoh, The DOTMAP BROTHERS, MAGiC TOUCH
Teeter Torture Galaga clone with a twist! MiniK
Touhou Fangame Manic shooter SquidMan
Vectoroids Asteroids Clone MiniK
Wii Shooting Gallery Compilation of shooting games Arikado
WiiDoom Port of DOOM lnuxguy
Wolfenstein 3D Wii Port of Wolfenstein 3D MrPeanut


Title Description Author
Ariane Dating Sim DickNorris
Bowfishing Action! Bowfishing Action! is a thrilling fishing game, in which you have to catch carps. linus; drabmeat34 (background music)
DopeWars Wii Port of classic drug dealing game Eikon
WiiOperation An Operation-esque game for the Wii Beardface
WiiPhysics Physics playground (think Garry's mod or PocketPhysics) Beardface


Title Description Author
BibleQuiz Bible quiz game wplaat
MadQuiz Trivia game Nores
Wii Quizz A game with lots of fun quizz modes! CashMan's Productions


Title Description Author
Hiragana & Katakana Practice Hiragana & Katakana Practice Mangaman3000
Kidspaint A painting program for kids Flarup
Simon The classic memory game teknecal
SteadyHand Cursor guiding game Durda Dan
Wiiero Liero for the Wii BScrk
YOG 3YOG - 3 Year Old Golf PaceMaker



Title System(s) Author
ColEm ColecoVision Consolius
FCE Ultra GX Nintendo Entertainment System Tantric
Genesis Plus Genesis / Megadrive eke-eke
Hugo-Wii Turbo Grafix 16 / PC Engine eke-eke
O2em Odyssey2/Videopac Consolius
SMSPlus Sega Master System / Game Gear eke-eke
Snes9x GX Super Nintendo Tantric, michniewski
StellaWii Atari 2600 Nuvalo
Wii2600 VCS/2600 Emulator Raz0red
Wii64 Nintendo 64 tehpola, sepp256, emukidid
Wii7800 Atari 7800 Emulator Raz0red
WiiEngine Turbo Grafix 16 / PC Engine Hermes
WiiSX Playstation 1 tehpola, sepp256, emukidid
Yabause Wii Sega Saturn Yabause team


Title System(s) Author
Gnuboy GX Gameboy (Color) eke-eke
Neopop Wii Neo-Geo Pocket Askot
RIN Wii Gameboy (Color) mirakichi, Hell Hibou
Trojan Wii Trojan LCD Game Simulator Jon Conrad
Visual Boy Advance GX Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Gameboy Advance Tantric, Carl Kenner
WiiHandy/SDL Atari Lynx Raz0red


Title System(s) Author
SDL MAME Arcade Games Nuvalo
GxGeo Neo Geo emulator Blizzo


Title System(s) Author
AtaWii Atari ST NoNameNo
Chippy Chip8 iamabe
DOSBox Wii DOS Tantric, Carl Kenner
Frodo Commodore 64 Simon Kagstrom
Fuse Sinclair ZX Spectrum bg
uMSX MSX Uguru
UAE Wii Commodore Amiga Simon Kagstrom
WiiApple Apple IIe yohanes
Wiituka Amstrad CPC D Skywalk
WiiXL Atari 800/XL/XE/5200 Raz0red


Title Description Author
Homebrew Channel Installs the Wii Homebrew Channel onto the System Menu Team Twiizers
All-in-1 Emuloader A basic Front SD elf/dol loader that looks for known Emulators Eke-eke
Front SD ELF Loader Loads .elf and .dol files from front SD slot svpe
Gecko OS Loads an import game, like Datel's FreeLoader Nuke
geckoloader .dol/.elf loader using the usbgecko adapter (useful for developers) dhewg
Homebrew Disc Loader Run homebrew software directly from DVD Sierradev
Loadmii Small but powerful loader which can run executables from SD cards, USB sticks, SMB shares, USB Gecko and SD Gecko The lemon man
Menu Loader Reboots the Wii with any IOS & RegionFree Wii/GCN functionality Team Twiizers
Menu Loader Clone Menu loader clone with sourcecode. raven
TCP Loader Loads .elf and .dol files over a TCP socket svpe
Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher Start Gamecube homebrew on Wii from front SD slot. Mega Man, Hell Hibou
Wii Homebrew Launcher Wii menu-style launcher for .elf and .dol files. Supports custom human-readable titles and pictures for each app. Hell Hibou

System modifications

List of system modifications/pt-br

PC utilities

Title Description Author
App Viewer Reads information of apps from SD card. Roboprez
ARC Extractor Extracts the content of .arc files JoeBlob
ASH Extractor Can extract ASH0 files, which are mostly used by Nintendo. crediar
Custom IOS Module Toolkit Allows the creation of custom IOS modules neimod
Dollz Compresses DOL files SoftDev
ELF to DOL Converter Convert all your .elf files to .dol Yossi
FE100 Windows port of segher's tachtig & twintig, Unpack&Pack savefiles, easy obtaining of files used by tachtig & twintig WiiCrazy/I.R.on
HBCXMLGen Silly little program in Java to allow rapid creation of XML files for the HomeBrew Channel pineconecs
hbcxmlgen-bash A Bash script for Homebrew Channel meta.xml file creation. mcpancakes
Magicus's Tools Tools for parsing/splitting several file types. Magicus
NUS Downloader Downloads and packs System Titles from Nintendo's update servers. WB3000
Segher's Wii.git Tools to unpack/pack Wii files. Segher
Sendelf Graphical client that sends files over TCP from Windows computers to Wii consoles henke37
U8 Packer Packs folders into a U8(.arc) file. Creates 100% working files, tested on the systemmenu. crediar
Update Downloader Downloads titles from Nintendo's Update Servers. Can download seperate versions. Many improvements over v0.1! SquidMan
WiiBuilder Windows software to use for Wii homebrew development. Yes there is a loader for Homebrew Channel! Crayon
Wii BootMe This tool lets you change the way wii images boot. Cortex
WiiBrew SD App Nice App for WiiBrew Dedicated SD Cards. Uses Soully's Channel Pic and also starts up Homebrew Manager. Rapfnny
Wiiload Loads .dol and .elf files over the network with the Homebrew Channel Team Twiizers
Wii Signer Allows you to fakesign Wii tickets. Isaac356
WiiTCPLoad Stream binary files over TCP/IP to the Homebrew/TCPLoader Channel. Supports Unix/Windows platforms Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz
WiiTCPLoadGUI Stream binary files over TCP/IP to the Homebrew/TCPLoader Channel. Supports Linux/MacOSX/Windows Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz
WiiTools Extract and Decrypt tools crediar
Wii Meta XML Editor This program allows you to edit or create simple meta.xml files for identifying different homebrew programs in the Homebrew Channel. WB3000
WiiUpdateManager Analyze a Wii game iso file (or directly the DVD on Linux) & patch the update of this iso
WiiWizard Visual Studio Template for Wii Homebrew luccax