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Memory Map changes

Address 0x80001800 is an unused exception area. Its not a stub loader or anything standard. Its documented in most PPC manuals.

where are the memory protection registers?

Nuke, I based my edit on this IRC discussion with bushing. Do you know better than him? Or did you have some other reason for reverting my edit?

14:22:44 jepler "The top of MEM2 memory is allocated to Starlet. You can access this memory by disabling memory protection via hardware registers. (See Memory Interface. TODO). " -- wiki. hmm, is it the wii version of what is called 'MI' ? or is it something different than this?
14:27:00 bushing jepler: completely different
14:27:08 jepler bushing: OK, thanks for saving me the time of barking up that tree
14:27:33 bushing MI is a way to get an interrupt (internally generated by the PPC) when you access a specific area of memory
14:27:59 bushing the Starlet memory protection is a few registers that can only be set by running code on the starlet
14:28:05 bushing (I've done it)

What kind of memory is MEM2

Is MEM2 just basicly a second RAM or is it flash memory or what? Toagac 19:39, 7 July 2009 (UTC)