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Balance Board Examples

Programs to help users get started programming in the Wii Balance Board. Also, dont forget to see the source to WiiBreaker.

Balance Board Test (Data Dump)

Compiled (App)


Not written by me, written by Ave. It dumps all of the balance board's read (input) data onto the tv screen.

Libwiisprite Examples, Starting Points, and Tools

Programs to help people quickly get things up and running with libwiisprite.

Libwiisprite for use with newer devkitPROs

Compiled under devkitPPC r16: Download Compiled under devkitPPC r19: Download



Written by Ave. Allows you to print text with fonts. You need the frretypegx and freetype font libraries installed to use it. See Wii Shooting Gallery and WiiBreaker sources for examples. Also see the Hauntiing and BattlePong sources below for more examples. Or the demo of The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library.




A simple PONG game I wrote awhile back. It features single or two player play. There are comments hidden throughout for enabling network play eventually.

Hauntiing (Platformer)



A simple platformer. I intend to continue to expand this game. In the meantime, its robust enough that it will be of use to anyone looking to write their own platformer with libwiisprite.




A simple calculator utility. I will not make a page on wiibrew for this application until I can get it to support decimal numbers. Please lend a hand if you think you can help. The source is extremely small and simple.

External MP3 Player (for the holiday season)

Compiled (App)



This app uses a libwiisprite powered GUI to load and play an MP3 file from the SD Card.

Libwiigui Smorgasbord

Basically, I've been playing around with libwiigui for quite awhile and I'll be posting everything I make here:

(Lots more coming very soon)

Compiled (App) of Tantrics Quickstart/Template


Shows off the main features off libwiigui. It was written by Tantric. I just compiled it. Source can be grabbed from the libwiigui page.

Sprite Wrapper


This wrapper is untested, but it should work. Just extract into your projects root folder.

The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library

home.c for GRRLIB users


This a version of home.c I wrote for GRRLIB users. It adds the rumbling feature that libwiisprite users get. Simply recompile the library with this file to enable the rumbling feature. Eventually, TheLemonMan is going to make a new release of the GRRLIB version incorporating the changes I made and some new features that he is adding.


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