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Hello, I'm Tom. I am new to HomeBrew and WiiBrew but I know some basic things about it. My best friend, Remadon, keeps me up-to-date with current

updates and other things. Some of you already know about Remadon, and some of you are asking who is he? Other people don't care, but that doesn't

stop anything.

I am a high school student of little knowledge on the Wii, although I have Remadon, I still have a ways to go before I'm truely ready for Home Brew. I

specialize in classic games, like MegaMan, Hero's Quest, Quest for Glory, and other games from before the millenium. There are a few more recent games that I play. I

play MapleStory and Fiesta. I found Fiesta when I clicked on the advertisement and liked it. I didn't have to pay anything and was a game I could play. I

invited Remadon and he liked it, but not as much as me. MapleStory was another tale, another friend, who remains unnamed untill he gets an account

here, used to play MapleStory and it sounded pretty fun. So I did a little research on it and found out it was a MMORPG but not just any MMORPG, it is a

Side Scroller (2-dimensional). There aren't many side scrolling online games.

I bet some of you might be asking, who is this, Remadon?

Who Is Remadon?

As I lay on the shore of an island, night stars twinkling in the sky, moon's light glimmering on the dancing ocean waves. The soft sands of the deserted

lands soothing to the touch. Suddenly, emerging on the shimmering waves, what looks like a small fishing boat, glides across the sea towards the island. As

the ship sails across my gaze on the ocean view, drawing my attention away, I notice that the ship is like none I've ever seen. I could not make out who the

ship was to; the sails torn to shreds, large gashes in the sides of the hull, no flag. Gazing more closely, there is only one man at the wheel. The others

must have gone to sleep inside the ship...or worse. I hoped for the better as I ran to the dock, trying to catch up to the boat. When the ship finally made

it to the island dock, it was strange that not one person came running down the dock and greet me. Worried, I went to the port side of the ship and looked

for any that might be climbing down. None came. Not even the one man that sailed the ship to safety. Grabbing on to the netting on the ship, I hoisted my

way up to the deck to see what happened. As I came to see the ship, I saw many men scattered around the ship. I looked into the eyes of one man, the eyes of

terror, pain, sorrow, sadness...death. I came to realize that every man on this ship was killed, except for one. The man that sailed the boat to the dock.

Gazing upon the wheel, the man dissappeared! Panic taking hold, I sprinted to the wheel to find where the man went. With a sigh of relief, I saw him lying

there on the damaged floorboards of this ship he sailed. He was alive, but unconcious. I heaved him over my shoulder and hauled him down to the shoreline

where I usually lay. There he lay, upon the soft sands not making a single sound louder than the ocean waves. Then, as he was waking from his near endless rest, not realizing that he isn't on his ship jumps up to his feet and yanks out his rapier. At the flash of

steel, I stumble to the ground. Still weakened by fatigue, the man tumbles over his own heels. As he falls to the ground, he loosens the grip of his sword

and simply stares at me. "Who are ye?" He asks in amazement, "Why haven't ye killed me off like the rest of me crew?!" I explain to him that he sailed a ship of dead men, his men. He came into the harbor and passed out before the wheel. Not fully trusting me, he regains

hold of his sword and attempts to stand. Nearly falling again, I manage to snag hold of his shirt and helps him to a nearby rock to sit upon. He looked up as if to speak to me but the sight of the moon's glimmering light on the ocean's dancing waves, he was silenced. He stared out into the view as

if he had never seen the sea before. "Help me down to the water's edge will yeh, I want to get closer...friend." As we gazed upon the view, the small ship still at the dock. Breaking the silence, he says, "My name be Remadon"

A man, a pirate, my friend, my partner, Remadon.