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Now who would want to talk to me?...Oh yea, you

There must be some reason to be that you have come across to my skimpy portion of this wonderous site. What would that reason be I wonder?

For my page is like a grain of sand within the vast sea shore. I am but a fraction of this community.

Good Lord, Man!

You might end up gatting ip banned from this site if an admin sees this... Good Luck!


Thanks for the heads up!

I should be fine, I hope...

I'm still here ^^

I hope no one forgot me...wait, who would know me!? I'm incognito, I'm not important enough to be known.

I'm okay Remadon.

It says that WADs, backups, and the other things are prohibited. As long as I don't use any of these, I should be fine.

InsaneTom 18:43, 27 May 2009 (UTC)InsaneTom