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== Download ==
== Download ==
[[User:TheRealTukz|TheRealTukz]] created a binary version of [[Benzin]] for windws and it is are available [http://tukz.tu.ohost.de/downloads/benzin/benzin.zip here]. All source code, examples, and future documentation is available on the Git repository at [http://git.daifukkat.su/?p=benzin.git http://git.daifukkat.su/?p=benzin.git]
[http://git.daifukkat.su/?p=benzin.git http://git.daifukkat.su/?p=benzin.git]
== Other ==
== Other ==

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Author(s)SquidMan, comex, megazig, and Yossi
TypePC utility

Benzin is an application for the PC that is intended as an open source alternative to Alameda. It was created by SquidMan, comex, megazig, and Yossi.


Benzin will host a variety of features including:

  • Banner simulation (Started, completely unusable)
  • XML <-> BRLYT (Complete)
  • XML <-> BRLAN (Complete)
  • Image <-> TPL (Complete Zetsubou.)
  • An API. (Being worked on, see Laichzeit.)

At the moment the only active "versions" of Benzin is the C version which has:

  • Complete BRLAN parsing. All banners tested worked. (202)
  • Complete BRLAN writing. All banners tested worked. (202)
  • Complete BRLYT parsing. All banners tested worked. (30)
  • Complete BRLYT writing. All banners tested worked. (30)




POMEGRAFiX has made a "graphics kit" for easier development of Wii banners. You may find it at Wii Banner Kit

How to contribute

Join HACKERCHANNEL (yes we like to make fun of ARGON).