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Utilities to help you load and manage homebrew from your PC.

Title Description Author
App Viewer Reads information of apps from SD card. Roboprez
ARC Extractor Extracts the content of .arc files JoeBlob
ASH Extractor Can extract ASH0 files, which are mostly used by Nintendo. crediar
ASH tools Allows you to edit and make custom textures for Super Smash Bros. Brawl Unknown
Benzin Is an application for the PC that is intended as an open source alternative to Alameda SquidMan
bin2jpg Convert SSBB bin screenshot files to jpg files GTCoder
binconv Convert Nintendo Channel .bin demos to .nds Yellows8
BootMii Utils Development tools to assist in the development of BootMii-related software fail0verflow
Crazy Installer Allows the creation of installers for custom channels WiiCrazy/I.R.on
Custom IOS Module Toolkit Allows the creation of custom IOS modules neimod
CustomizeMii Creates custom channels for your homebrew applications Leathl
Dollz Compresses DOL files SoftDev
ELF to DOL Converter Convert all your .elf files to .dol Yossi
Ewes Edit WAD files Pbsds
FE100 Windows port of segher's tachtig & twintig, Unpack&Pack savefiles, easy obtaining of files used by tachtig & twintig WiCrazy/I.R.on
FtiiPC Connect to Wii ftpii servers from your Windows computer using FileManagerAI. DonovanDev
getwiimsg Download Wii Message Board announcements and convert to .eml and UTF-16 .txt, needs wc24decrypt Yellows8
getwiinandkey Extracts the NAND AES key from a BootMii NAND or key dump. Peter
GlovePIE Allows one to use the WiiRemote on the PC Carl Kenner
HBCXMLGen Silly little program in Java to allow rapid creation of XML files for the HomeBrew Channel pineconecs
hbcxmlgen-bash A Bash script for Homebrew Channel meta.xml file creation. mcpancakes
Homebrew Card Manager A n00b-friendly launcher for use with Homebrew-focused SD cards. Hunterm
Magicus's Tools Tools for parsing/splitting several file types. Magicus
ModMii Automatically downloads files required for homebrew setup. XFlak
nandBinCheck Displays information about a nand.bin such as boot1 & 2, NAND filesystem, permissions, ecc, hmac, SFFS, and detects many different types of bricks. giantpune
nandExtract Extracts some or all files from a nand.bin, as well as examine its contents. giantpune
NAND Gamesave Restore Retrieves game saves from an extracted NAND dump. Krafter
NUS Folders Renamer With this PC based tool, you can easily rename folders created by NUSD. NUS Folders Renamer automatically copies the contents in the correct folders. Erik Spyder
NUS Downloader Downloads and packs System Titles from Nintendo's update servers. WB3000
ninchdl-listext Download and read the Nintendo Channel dl lists, needs wc24decrypt Yellows8
ohneschwanzenegger Builds a fresh nand.bin suitable for installing via BootMii. giantpune
Open Shop Channel Downloader Download homebrew apps from the Open Shop Channel repository with a simple graphical desktop program and CLI. dhtdht020
PCBrew Similar to the Homebrew Browser, PCBrew is a small, in-development Homebrew app installer for PC. DonovanDev
punetwiin Like Betwiin, converts a nand.bin to use on a different Wii with the different keys. giantpune
readdol Displays information about one DOL format object file nitraiolo
SaveFileConverter Convert Wii saves into emulator saves Euan Forrester
Segher's Wii.git Tools to unpack/pack Wii files. Segher
Sendelf Graphical client that sends files over TCP from Windows computers to Wii consoles henke37
ShowMiiWads 'Wad File Manager' for Windows. Leathl
ThemeShooter Screenshot tool for HBC themes SifJar
Theme.xml Creator Allows the creation of custom theme.xml files for any Homebrew Channel theme. Krustyrm (EstebanRM)
U8 Packer Packs folders into a U8(.arc) file. Creates 100% working files, tested on the systemmenu. crediar
Update Downloader Downloads titles from Nintendo's Update Servers. Can download seperate versions. Many improvements over v0.1! SquidMan
WADInformer With this PC based tool you can get Title ID, Region, Blocks, Folder & Data Files from WAD. Erik Spyder
wc24decrypt Download and decrypt WC24 content files Yellows8
Wii64SaveSwap Windows application for converting N64 save files created on the PC for use with Wii64. Molokai
WiiBannerKit Is a Graphic Pack which contains Vector Images (conveniently in the .PSB) file format. POMEGRAFiX
WiiBuilder Windows software to use for Wii homebrew development. Yes there is a loader for Homebrew Channel 1.0.5! Crayon
Wii BootMe This tool lets you change the way wii images boot. Cortex
WiiCertDump Simple tool that extracts WC24 SSL certificates from an IOS binary found in a NAND dump. (windows only) RHY3756547
Wii FlashToolz Windows program for reading/writing boot blocks and Bootmii keys to and from any Wii NAND dump. Additional functions include factory bad block detection and file compare option. Streamlinehd
WiiBrew SD App Nice App for WiiBrew Dedicated SD Cards. Uses Soully's Channel Pic and also starts up Homebrew Manager. Rapfnny
Wiifuse Mounts a Gamecube or Wii DVD disc image to browse the directory structure and read the files within. Dhewg
Wii Layout Editor Views and Edits brlyt and brlan files Gericom
Wiiload Loads .dol and .elf files over the network with the Homebrew Channel Dhewg
wiinandfuse Mount Wii NAND images and SFFS dumps with FUSE. Yellows8
Wii Signer Allows you to fakesign Wii tickets. Isaac356
WiiTCPLoad Stream binary files over TCP/IP to the Homebrew/TCPLoader Channel. Supports Unix/Windows platforms Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz
WiiTCPLoadGUI Stream binary files over TCP/IP to the Homebrew/TCPLoader Channel. Supports Linux/MacOSX/Windows Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz
WiiTools Extract and Decrypt tools crediar
Wii Meta XML Editor This program allows you to edit or create simple meta.xml files for identifying different homebrew programs in the Homebrew Channel. WB3000
WiiUpdateManager Analyze a Wii game iso file (or directly the DVD on Linux) & patch the update of this iso
WiiWizard Visual Studio Template for Wii Homebrew luccax
Reggie! Level Editor Reggie! is an easy-to-use and full-featured level editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Treeki, Tempus