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This is a port of SMS Plus, a Sega Master System/Game Gear Emulator originally created by Charles Mac Donald, now ported to the Wii.


  • Author: Eke-eke
  • Accessories needed: GameCube controller, Wiimote, SD Card
  • Best PAL mode: any (autodetected)
  • Button to Return to Loader: Return to Loader from the main menu takes you back to the SD Loader or HB channel
  • Display mode : 480p, 480i, 576i, 288p and 240p
  • Installation for Zelda Chainloader: Install as usual
  • Loaders useable: Twilight Hack, Front SD ELF Loader, WiiHL, Homebrew Channel
  • Software type: Emulation
  • Supports Zip compressed rom images.


  • Place the smsplus_wii.elf file on your SD Card (rename to boot.elf if you want it to load it directly, or use your favourite elf loader).
  • Create the directory /smsplus at the root of your SD Card.
  • Create the directory /smsplus/roms on your SD Card and copy your ROM files there.
  • Insert your SD Card into the Wii and run SMSPlus using your chosen method (Twilight Hack).
  • Select Load New Game from the Main Menu to load a ROM.
  • Select Play Game from the Main Menu to begin playing the game.


  • Z: Return to SMSPlus' menu
  • A: Button 1
  • B: Button 2
  • L+R (In Game): Restart Game
  • Start: Pause



- fixed port $3E emulation: fix Gain Ground, Ninja Gaiden,...
- added Paddle emulation: fix inputs in all games requiring paddle (Alex Kidd BMX Trial, Megumi Rescue,...), best handled using D-Pad or   Analog Sticks.
- added LightPhaser emulation: fix inputs in all games requiring the lightgun (Wanted, Rambo III, Operation Wolf,...), best handled through Wiimote IR pointing, can also be used through D-Pad or Analog Sticks.
- added full horizontal scaling (up to 720 pixels) when using "stretch" aspect mode (use Xscale to increase width)
- added progressive mode support (480p) in menu also
- added automatic FreezeState support (OFF by default, check "system options")
- added automatic config file support
- /smsplus/saves is now automatically created if it does not exist
- assigned Reset Button to SMS Soft-Reset
[Wii only]
- added automatic TV mode detection (from SYSCONF), no more PAL60 version needed
- added option to return to Wii System Menu
- fixed "TP reload" option: now compatible with HB channel
- removed SD-Gekko support (Wii slot becomes default slot)
- added Wii SD slot support for SRAM & FreezeState files
- added Wiimote, Nunchuk & Classic controllers support through libwiiuse (see User Manual for default keys)
- added customizable key mapping (for each configurations: gamepad, wiimote only, wiimote+nunchuk or classic)


[SMS, GG] 
- fixed VDP init when loading savestate: fix graphics in games using TMS9918 mode 
- added port $3E emulation and full SMS BIOS support (see user notes) 
- implemented SMS1 VDP "tilemap mirroring" bug: fix Y's (J) status bar when running in SMS1 mode 
- updated Z80 core to last version (fix some undocumented behaviour): fix Rambo 3 "Game Over"  screen & Robocop 3 "pause" bug 
- corrected PAL CPU clock value 
- modified FM Unit detection: fix FM music in many japanese games 
- added full overscan emulation: when enabled, aspect ratio is exactly like on original hardware, including borders (horizontal borders are generally completely hidden under TV edges) 
- corrected Game Gear VDP handlers in SMS mode: fix colors in GG-MS mode 
- improved Codemasters Mapper emulation: fix Excellent Dizzy Collection & Ernie Els Golf 
- added Korean Mapper emulation: fix Sangokushi III & Dodgeball King 
- adjusted SMS color palette values (compared side by side with a real PAL SMS 2) 
- fixed Hcounter table (thanks to FluBBa) 
- added support for original video mode (240p/288p): this makes games looking exactly like on  original hardware (including scanlines) 
- added "Aspect" option to switch between Original (correct aspect ratio with borders) and Fit Screen (full screen) display modes 
- added "Xshift" & "Yshift" settings to let you adjust display area while keeping the original aspect ratio 
- added "Border" option to enable/disable borders color emulation 
- added "Palette" option to let you choose the Brightness level: RVB (darkest), Normal , Bright 
- added Wii mode support (including front SD rom loading with LFN, TP reload, ...) 
- added EURGB60 & PAL 50hz TV modes support 
- added 480p (progressive) rendering mode support in Wii mode (not supported by the PAL60 version, use the other one !)