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(test version 2)
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report problems [[Talk:Homebrew_apps/ScummVM|here]]
report problems [[Talk:Homebrew_apps/ScummVM|here]]
download: [[media:Scummvm-wii-test2.zip|test 2]]

Revision as of 13:23, 4 April 2008

this is a public version for testing

report problems here

download: test 2



Video Demo of ScummVM Running Sam and Max Hit the Road on the Wii


this is an early test version
svn revision 31370

features not compiled in:
- the AGI game engine

- sd card
- gamecube controller in port 1

FEATURES worth mentioning (wii port specific)
- GX hardware scaling
- usage of the wii's internal sd slot for:
  loading of runtime and game data
  game state loading/saving

- copy the "scummvm" folder to the root of your sd card
- copy your demos and/or games onto the same sd card
  freeware versions: http://scummvm.org/downloads.php#extras
  demos: http://scummvm.org/demos.php

- run scummvm-wii.elf on your wii
- if you have a usbgecko in slot b, you have to read the debug messages with
  a terminal app, or the whole application will hang

  controls: gamecube pad

  analog stick: mouse movement
  a: left mouse button
  b: right mouse button
  x: escape
  y: "." (skip current line of text)
  z: enter
  start: f5 (scummvm menu)
  dpad up: shift (mass add for the gui)
  dpad left: "0"
  l+r: quit


- test 2
  - screen is only updated if necessary
    no more flicker on the BASS intro
    better performance
  - games with higher screen resolutions are now drawn correctly
  - fixed some palette bugs