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Test Version

Report Problems: here

Download: test 2


  • If you have a Gamecube memory card plugged into Slot B, eject it prior to starting ScummVM
  • The quality/speed of the SD card matters. FAT16 performs better than FAT32 on my cheap SD card.
  • The SD card code seems to be buggy. Larger games such as COMI or Broken Sword will only work to some extent.
  • The application crashes sometimes when exiting; press Z on your Gamcube pad to jump to the loader again



Video Demo of ScummVM Running Sam and Max Hit the Road on the Wii

4-28-08 - Wiimote Enabled ScummVM released

Download Here

It is not clear whether the author of this version is the original creator or someone else.


this is an early test version
svn revision 31370

features not compiled in:
- the AGI game engine

- sd card
- gamecube controller in port 1

FEATURES worth mentioning (wii port specific)
- GX hardware scaling
- usage of the wii's internal sd slot for:
  loading of runtime and game data
  game state loading/saving

- copy the "scummvm" folder to the root of your sd card
- copy your demos and/or games onto the same sd card
  freeware versions:

- run scummvm-wii.elf on your wii
- if you have a usbgecko in slot b, you have to read the debug messages with
  a terminal app, or the whole application will hang

  controls: gamecube pad

  analog stick: mouse movement
  a: left mouse button
  b: right mouse button
  x: escape
  y: "." (skip current line of text)
  z: enter
  start: f5 (scummvm menu)
  dpad up: shift (mass add for the gui)
  dpad left: "0"
  l+r: quit


- test 2
  - screen is only updated if necessary
    no more flicker on the BASS intro
    better performance
  - games with higher screen resolutions are now drawn correctly
  - fixed some palette bugs