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== Thanks ==
== Thanks ==
*Xuzz, SquidMan, megazig, Matt_P, Omega and The Lemon Man for Wii.py (which was the base for TPL conversion)
*Xuzz, [[User:SquidMan|SquidMan]], [[User:megazig|megazig]], Matt_P, Omega and The Lemon Man for Wii.py (which was the base for TPL conversion)
*SquidMan for Zetsubou (which was a reference for TPL conversion)
*[[User:SquidMan|SquidMan]] for Zetsubou (which was a reference for TPL conversion)
*Andre Perrot for gbalzss (which was the base for LZ77 decompression)
*Andre Perrot for gbalzss (which was the base for LZ77 decompression)
*NeoRame for the Logo
*[[User:NeoRame|NeoRame]] for the Logo
*Blitzur for Betatesting
*Blitzur for Betatesting
*kedest for Betatesting
*kedest for Betatesting

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TypePC utility

ShowMiiWads is a 'Wad File Manager' for Windows. It displays information about wad files, edits them and give a preview of the Banner and Icon. New in this Version is the included NAND Backup Browser 'ShowMiiNand' which displays all titles installed in your NAND Backup (No BootMii Backups!).

Due to some people stating this as a piracy tool, I just wanted to clarify that I'm all against piracy and this tool was never intended to be used for!


Editing WAD files can result in a brick of your Wii. Only use these features if you have a bricksafe Wii, meaning either Preloader or BootMii/boot2 is installed, and if you know what you're doing. Also, your Wad files could be destroyed, so be sure to have a backup.

This application comes without any express or implied warranty. The author can't be held responsible for any damages arising from the use of it.


The .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application.

To show wad files in the list, just drag files or folders onto the application or use the File->Open dialog.

To switch to the NAND Backup Browser use View->ShowMiiNand.

If you have any questions, read the included FAQs.

Bugs & Suggestions

Please report any bugs and suggestions at http://showmiiwads.googlecode.com


  • Xuzz, SquidMan, megazig, Matt_P, Omega and The Lemon Man for Wii.py (which was the base for TPL conversion)
  • SquidMan for Zetsubou (which was a reference for TPL conversion)
  • Andre Perrot for gbalzss (which was the base for LZ77 decompression)
  • NeoRame for the Logo
  • Blitzur for Betatesting
  • kedest for Betatesting
  • nutta_nic for Betatesting
  • Dteyn for Betatesting
  • acesniper for Betatesting
  • carbonyle for French translation
  • Everyone for using this application


Version 1.0b

  • Fixed a bug where every entry was added multiple times in ShowMiiNand
  • Fixed VC / WiiWare detection (Thanks to giantpune for the hint!)
  • Added auto updatecheck at startup

Version 1.0

  • Finally got independant of external tools (saves about 3 MB). All reading, editing and writing of wad and related files is now done by my own classes!
  • (common-)key.bin must now be in the application directory
  • Added ShowMiiNand (will show all installed titles on your NAND Backup)
  • Installed Titles can be packed to a Wad (ShowMiiNand)
  • Installation Queue for ShowMiiNand (drag wad files or folders onto the list and they will be queued, click install to extract them to the NAND Backup)
  • Better type detection (IOS, SysMenu, Hidden Channel, ... Unfortunately, VC / WiiWare detection returns official channel to be VC / WiiWare, so it's turned off)
  • Channel Title will be displayed depending on your language (only for embedded languages)
  • Option to add all subfolders (e.g. add C:\Wads and C:\Wads\Channel + C:\Wads\IOS + ... will be added)
  • Shared contents will now be copied (if not exist) to Nand Backup (Extract To Nand)
  • Preview of Banner and Icon (only pics, no animation of course). (Some Images will be like empty, could be unsupported format (few) or they are just empty (most))
  • Added Tools Menu (Pack Wads, Unpack U8, Convert TPL, Create Common-Key)
  • Added Option to create Backups before editing
  • French translation added (Thanks to carbonyle)
  • Added Update Check (yet only checks, but doesn't download)
  • Bugfixes and small changes

Version 0.3

  • From-to sizes / blocks for big Wads (it was minimum size before)
  • System Titles will be shown (IOS / System Menu)
  • New columns for Type (Channel / System), Channel Title and Version
  • Extract Wads to NAND Backup (Only important files, for use with TriiForce / NAND Emulation)
  • Extract Wads to Folder (All files)
  • Added some shortcuts
  • External language files can be loaded (see example.slang)
  • Fixed a bug with the filecount label (raised with every refresh)
  • Batch changing to Region Free (all Wads in a folder)
  • Option to show either foldername or full path in groupheader
  • Export list to file (txt and csv, same file with different extension)
  • Added 'Recently Opened' folders menu
  • Changing of Channel Title (Displayed when holding cursor over a channel on wii)

(You can also see the title for other languages by clicking 'Change Channel Title'. Only the english title is displayed in the column.)

Version 0.2

  • Rewrote some code, so .NET Framework 3.5 isn't needed anymore
  • Better errorhandling, invalid Wads won't be shown anymore
  • Possibility to change Title IDs
  • Possibility to change Region Flags (using freethewads.exe)
  • WadDataInfo.exe isn't needed separately anymore, it's embedded
  • Multiple folder support
  • Drag & Drop support (single or multiple files/folders)
  • Copy / Move files between folders
  • Windowsize and -location is saved
  • Some little things

Version 0.1b

  • Little bugfix

Version 0.1

  • List all Wad files of a specified folder
  • Rename Wad files
  • Delete Wad files
  • Multilanguage (English + German)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 needed for full funcionality