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Wii Solitaire is a very simple Klondike solitaire game for the Wii which makes use of the Wiimote's IR sensor bar.

The objective of the game, for those that are not familiar with solitaire, is to get the four suits built onto the foundations from aces up through kings. To do this you must place alternating colored cards, from kings down to aces, on top of each-other by moving them within the Tableau and drawing cards from the Stock. Currently you are considered having won the game by having all four kings placed face up on the Foundation.

The source is available, of course, and is fully commented throughout to make it easy for those reading the source to understand why and how I did the various functions for the game.


Controller Button Action
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote A Button Draw Cards From Stock
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote B Button Pick up/Drag a Card
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote HOME Button Access Menu/Return to Game
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote 1 Button+Wiimote 2 Button Take a Screenshot

Screenshots & Video

Solitaire menu.png  Solitaire.png

Solitaire complete.png  Solitaire gamemenu.png

Change Log


Major Game-play Changes

  • Card-Based Selection

Instead of the cursor having to be over a Tableau card or Foundation card to drop now the held card only has to be touching the Tableau and Foundation cards to be dropped. This really refines the game play making it a lot simpler to control the cards.

  • Vertical Card Adjustment

The cards on the Tableau now adjust vertically so that when there are less cards in a column more of each card is visible making identifying the cards much easier.

Minor Changes

  • Finished Core Menu

Core menu work is complete.

  • GRRLIB 16:9 Support

I made it so that if you are using a 16:9 TV the game will output a stretched 4:3 image to screen. Later on I will make this an option to turn on and off.

  • Properly Scaled Cards and New Table

I recreated the cards used and properly scaled the cards for a more accurate looking game. I also replaced the old table background with a much cleaner looking version.


  • Home Row Ace-Creation Bug Fix

During development of the Menu I discovered a serious bug where one could select the empty home row and force the creation of aces within the game.

  • Initial Menu Work

Because of the above fix, I quickly finished implementing the early stages of the menu system. You can now create a new game without having to return to HBC.


  • Initial Release
  • Minor Bug Fix



  • Motion Controls
  • Rumble Card Selection
  • Complete Core Solitaire Game
  • Splash Screen and UI


  • Cheating Deck Shuffle
  • Deck Dealing Animation
  • Scoring
  • Options
  • Sounds