Wii Solitaire

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Wii Solitaire
TypeCard game
Version0.4 (08-24-2008)
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot
This homebrew application currently contains a currently invalidated download link. It was either not caught in the web archive or on a forum that required registration to download files; which the Wayback Machine cannot index.


Wii Solitaire is a very simple Klondike solitaire game for the Wii which makes use of the Wiimote's IR sensor bar.

The objective of the game, for those that are not familiar with solitaire, is to get the four suits built onto the foundations from aces up through kings. To do this you must place alternating colored cards, from kings down to aces, on top of each-other by moving them within the Tableau and drawing cards from the Stock.

The source is available, of course, and is fully commented throughout to make it easy for those reading the source to understand why and how I did the various functions for the game.



Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote A Button Draw Cards From Stock
Wiimote B Button Pick up/Drag a Card
Wiimote HOME Button Access Menu/Return to Game
Wiimote D-Pad Up Shuffle Cards in Free Play
Wiimote 1 Button Access Playing Tips While in Game
Wiimote 1 Button+Wiimote 2 Button Take a Screenshot

Game Types

Original Solitaire

Classic Klondike Solitaire that you all know and love.

Vegas Solitaire

Vegas Solitaire is essentially the same as Klondike Solitaire however you may only go through the deck once or three times depending on how many cards you draw at one time.

Free Play

The same as Original Solitaire however you may shuffle the deck when it is whole.

Screenshots & Video

Wii Solitaire menu In game action
Complete Game menu

Change Log


  • Scoring and Time Keeping

Scoring right now is, for the most part, useless. However, it is there, albeit mostly incomplete. It will also keep the time you have played the game for.

  • Multiple Gametypes

Original Solitaire, Vegas Solitaire, and Free Play are selectable game types. See descriptions above.

  • Choosing Dealing Number

You can choose the number of cards that will be dealt out at one time from the Stock now. You may choose either 1 card or 3 card.

  • Winning Screen

When you win, a little animation appears and you are called a Winner.

  • Deck Dealing Animation

The Stock now "shuffles" before it deals each card out like you would a real solitaire game.

  • ROUGH Options

When you start up Wii Solitaire, if you have an SD card, you are asked if you would like to create an options file. Within this options file there are currently six options to choose from. Only three of the options have been completed and may be edited by hand: Deck Dealing Animation, Mouseover Rumble, and 16:9 Video Stretching. 0 = Off, 1 = On. The .ini is located in the same folder as the boot.elf file.

  • Playing Tips

When you first use Wii Solitaire and if you created a new settings file you will be greeted with Playing Tips on your first game. These explain the essentials of Solitaire and provide a few tips to successfully complete a game.


Major Game-play Changes

  • Card-Based Selection

Instead of the cursor having to be over a Tableau card or Foundation card to drop now the held card only has to be touching the Tableau and Foundation cards to be dropped. This really refines the game play making it a lot simpler to control the cards.

  • Vertical Card Adjustment

The cards on the Tableau now adjust vertically so that when there are less cards in a column more of each card is visible making identifying the cards much easier.

Minor Changes

  • Finished Core Menu

Core menu work is complete.

  • GRRLIB 16:9 Support

I made it so that if you are using a 16:9 TV the game will output a stretched 4:3 image to screen. Later on I will make this an option to turn on and off.

  • Properly Scaled Cards and New Table

I recreated the cards used and properly scaled the cards for a more accurate looking game. I also replaced the old table background with a much cleaner looking version.


  • Home Row Ace-Creation Bug Fix

During development of the Menu I discovered a serious bug where one could select the empty home row and force the creation of aces within the game.

  • Initial Menu Work

Because of the above fix, I quickly finished implementing the early stages of the menu system. You can now create a new game without having to return to HBC.


  • Initial Release
  • Minor Bug Fix



  • Motion Controls
  • Rumble Card Selection
  • Complete Core Solitaire Game
  • Splash Screen and UI
  • Deck Dealing Animation
  • Deck Shuffling


  • Scoring
  • Options

Release Notes


School is starting tomorrow and I expect a lot of my free time shall be inhumanely stolen from me. As such, I decided to release this feature-incomplete version to the public. I added quite a number of new features, though sadly at least a third of them are incomplete such as the options and scoring. You may see a rough score on Original and Vegas, however the scoring will be different for Vegas solitaire in the future. I am not releasing the source for this version because it is quite ugly and is lacking of comments. The game, however, is still completely playable and I hope the features I added pleases everyone. The releases from this point will probably get a little more distant, and I hope to only need to release at least one more pre-1.0 version before I can just start fixing bugs people find. Also, sound. It will not be implimented at this point in time because the sound libraries available are quite poor. sndlib seems nice, but the way it was released is just absolutely terrible. As such, it has been removed as a future feature.

Known Problems

  • Score is, for the most part, useless.
  • Highscore and Options are selectable but non-functioning. I was too lazy to go through and make them non-functional again.
  • Original is spelled incorrect in pretty much every location. (Kept spelling wrong in this page to remain consistent). Woops.
  • Your mouse cursor MUST be over the home row when dropping Kings.