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TypePuzzle game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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Get out of the 3D Maze!


Imagine having a 3D labyrinth in your hands... you can rotate it in any direction to get a red ball out of it.

Motion Plus is not mandatory but recommended.

If you get lost press 2.


Hold the wiimote like a remote control, pointing at the screen. Imagine this is the cube, with the top of the wiimote as the top of the cube.

By default the camera is above the cube looking down (imagine the camera is above the wiimote looking down at it), so that the top of the screen is the front of the cube and the bottom of the screen is the back of the cube. You can change views by pressing the wiimote directional pad. For example, pressing Down moves the camera to the rear of the cube, so that top of the screen becomes top of the cube and the bottom of the screen becomes bottom of the cube.

Pressing any direction button twice moves camera below the cube. Pressing B restores default view.


Wiimote - Button Decrease maze size
Wiimote + Button Increase maze size
Wiimote A Button Select menu item
Wiimote D-Pad Change view
Wiimote B Button View from the top
Wiimote 1 Button Take a screenshot
Wiimote 2 Button Help mode on/off
Wiimote HOME Button Return to loader
Wiimote Power Button Shutdown Wii
Wii POWER Button Shutdown Wii
Wii RESET Button Reset Wii



  • Dutch translation corrected
  • Spanish translation added
  • Motion tracking improved
  • Smooth transition when ball passes from one plane to another
  • Localized versions for languages that can't go into international version
  • Automatically scale down font size if string doesn't fit the screen
  • Code cleanup
  • Changed menu text color to improve visibility


  • Improved kerning of text
  • Fade out of direction labels
  • Ball reflex changes according to view change
  • Corrected german translation
  • Help mode added


  • Changed text font for better localization
  • German, dutch and french languages added
  • Solved bug in Motion Plus initialization (I hope)
  • Now user can choose between 6 views


  • Initial release


michelinux AT gmail DOT com



Special thanks to

  • P.D. Magnus for Ambages font
  • Mr. Reaper for feedback
  • wplaat and DrTwox for TrueType handling code
  • All translators

Multilanguage support

Localized versions have been created for those languages that, for a reason or another, can't go into main international version:

maze dimension: %d

  • italian: dimensioni del labirinto: %d
  • pt-br: dimensão do labirinto : %d
  • norwegian: labyrintens dimensjon: %d
  • german: Grösse des Labyrinths: %d
  • dutch: Grootte van het labyrinth: %d
  • danish: labyrint dimension: %d
  • french: dimension du labyrinthe: %d
  • romanian: dimensiunile labirintului: %d
  • swedish: labyrint-dimension
  • spanish: dimensiones del laberinto: %d
  • korean: 미로 크기 : %d
  • russian: размерность лабиринта

motion plus not detected

  • italian: Motion Plus non trovato
  • pt-br: o Motion Plus não foi reconhecido
  • norwegian: Wii Motion Pluss er ikke tilkoblet
  • german: Motion Plus nicht erkannt
  • dutch: Motion Plus is niet gevonden
  • danish: motion plus er ikke tilsluttet
  • french: motion plus non détecté
  • romanian: motion plus nu a fost detectat
  • swedish: motion plus hittades inte
  • spanish: motion plus no detectado
  • korean: 모션 플러스 찾지 못함
  • russian: motion plus не обнаружен

place wiimote on horizontal surface

  • italian: poggia il wiimote su una superficie orizzontale
  • pt-br: repouse o wiimote em uma superfície horizontal
  • norwegian: plasser wii kontrollen på en horisontal overflate
  • german: Lege die Wiimote auf eine horizontale Fläche
  • dutch: leg de wiimote op een horizontaal oppervlak
  • french: placez la wiimote sur une surface horizontale
  • romanian: asezati telecomanda orizontal
  • swedish: placera din wiimote på en horisontell yta
  • spanish: ubique el wiimote en superficie horizontal
  • korean: 위모트를 평평한 표면 위에 올려주십시요.
  • russian: положите wiimote на горизонтальную поверхность


  • italian: inizia
  • pt-br: iniciar
  • norwegian: start
  • german: Start
  • dutch: start
  • danish: start
  • french: commencer
  • romanian: start
  • swedish: starta
  • spanish: comenzar
  • korean: 시작
  • russian: старт

constructing maze...

  • italian: costruzione del labirinto...
  • pt-br: construindo labirinto...
  • norwegian: konstruerer labyrinten...
  • german: Erzeuge Labyrinth...
  • dutch: labyrint aan het maken...
  • danish: konstruerer labyrinten
  • french: construction du labyrinthe...
  • romanian: construire labirint...
  • swedish: konstruerar labyrint...
  • spanish: construyendo laberinto...
  • korean: 미로 생성중
  • russian: построение лабиринта...

you won!

  • italian: hai vinto!
  • pt-br: você venceu !
  • norwegian: Du vant!
  • german: Du hast gewonnen!
  • dutch: Je hebt gewonnen!
  • danish: du har vundet!
  • french: vous avez gagné !
  • romanian: ai castigat!
  • swedish: du vann!
  • spanish: ganaste!
  • korean: 이겼습니다!
  • russian: вы выиграли!

play again

  • italian: gioca di nuovo
  • pt-br: jogar novamente
  • norwegian: spill igjen
  • german: Nochmals spielen
  • dutch: nogmaals spelen
  • danish: spil igen
  • french: rejouer
  • romanian: joc nou
  • swedish: spela igen
  • spanish: jugar denuevo
  • korean: 다시 플레이
  • russian: играть заново


  • italian: esci
  • pt-br: sair
  • norwegian: avslutt
  • german: Beenden
  • dutch: beëindigen
  • danish: afslut
  • french: quitter
  • romanian: iesire
  • swedish: avsluta
  • spanish: salir
  • korean: 마침
  • russian: выход


  • italian: alto
  • pt-br: topo
  • norwegian: øverst
  • german: oben
  • dutch: top
  • french: sur
  • romanian: sus
  • swedish: topp
  • spanish: superior
  • korean: 위
  • russian: верх


  • italian: basso
  • pt-br: base
  • norwegian: Nederst
  • german: unten
  • dutch: onder
  • french: sous
  • romanian: jos
  • swedish: botten
  • spanish: inferior
  • korean: 밑
  • russian: низ


  • italian: sinistra
  • pt-br: esquerda
  • norwegian: Venstre
  • german: links
  • dutch: links
  • french: gauche
  • romanian: stanga
  • swedish: vänster
  • spanish: izquierda
  • korean: 왼쪽
  • russian: лево


  • italian: destra
  • pt-br: direita
  • norwegian: Høyre
  • german: rechts
  • dutch: højre
  • french: droit
  • romanian: dreapta
  • swedish: höger
  • spanish: derecha
  • korean: 오른쪽
  • russian: право


  • italian: davanti
  • pt-br: frente
  • norwegian: Frem
  • german: vorne
  • dutch: voorkant
  • french: avant
  • romanian: fata
  • swedish: fram
  • spanish: adelante
  • korean: 앞
  • russian: спереди


  • italian: dietro
  • pt-br: trás
  • norwegian: tilbake
  • german: hinten
  • dutch: achter
  • french: arrière
  • romanian: spate
  • swedish: bak
  • spanish: atras
  • korean: 뒤
  • russian: сзади