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Accio Hacks
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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Downloads codes from the WiiRD Code Database to the SD Card then allows you to select the codes you want to use. Finally, it creates a gct file that Gecko OS or Gecko OS Mod can apply to the game.


  • Copy the 'AccioHacks' folder to the 'apps' folder in the SD Card's root directory.

     If you use another folder, the self-update still sends the new files to "SD:\apps\AccioHacks\"!


  • Download codes from the WiiRD Code Database.
  • Edit codes saved on the SD Card.
  • Turn On the codes and create gct file.
  • Self-Update if an update is available.
  • Shiny, easy to use user interface.
  • Automatically detects removal of SD Card.
  • Automatically attaches universal codes to the file you download if they exist.


  • Wiimote + Button on any connected Wii Remote will display its controls.
  • Classic + Button on any connected Classic Controller will display its controls.
  • Gamecube X Button on any connected GameCube Controller will display its controls.
  • As is, no warranty; If it causes a dead cat or two, I'm not responsible; Use at your own risk; And other things I'm supposed to say. ;P

Adding codes from outside the app

  • SD:\codes\X\L\GAMEID.txt
  • X = Channel Letter ID. (Seen in Accio Hacks and on GeckoCodes in brackets, Wii = R)
  • L = The first letter of the title of the game. or '#' if it starts with a number.
  • The file format, including the file name, is exactly the same as when you download the txt from




August 4, 2011 - v1.2

  • Fixes connection issue many users had.

May 5, 2011 - v1.1

  • Fixed after broken by Link's (necessary) server config.
  • Online lists max length changed 150->250.
  • Icon transparency removed.

September 20, 2010 - v1.0

  • Region Select added for online lists.
  • Universal codes are included in a download.
  • Update Notification made less intrusive.
  • App starts on the main menu.
  • "Update" option added to the main menu.
  • Fixed "controlls" typo (multiple)
  • Version number added to about page.

July 14, 2010 - v0.9.1

  • Fixed VC Arcade 404 bug.

July 13, 2010 - v0.9

  • Initial Release

Known Bugs

If the total number of characters returned in an online list of available games (per system per letter) is > 8000, none will be returned.
This is very unlikely to happen but it's actually a PHP + Apache bug.
In the event of this very unlikely situation, this affects all versions of Accio Hacks.

If a listing of available games (per system per letter) is > 150, Accio Hacks will probably code dump.
This applies both to SD lists of games and to Online lists and affects all versions of Accio Hacks.
The limit for Online lists was increased to 250 in Accio Hacks v1.1
Currently, the largest possible list is 137 games: "[R] Wii - S - (*) Any/All Regions"

There is a 900 code limit per game, the rest are abandoned when the txt file and gct are saved. This does NOT cause crashing.
Games Affected: Monster Hunter 3 (US with 33,215 codes and PAL with 2,919).
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (US) is close with 892 codes.
The average number of codes per game is only 59. There are no plans to significantly increase this limit. (enough requests could change that, however)

Cannot Download VC Arcade games, reports (404).
Only Effects v0.9 (not v0.9.1).