Death Star Run

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Death Star Run
Author(s)Ondrej Blazek
TypeShooting game
VersionAlpha 1

Death Star Run is a game entirely realized with Wii Game Studio Pro by Lord Ashe. This game based on Star Wars and is a scrolling shooter that is played with the Wii Remote.


I wish I had a more polished version for you. The latest compiled for this game Took approx 18 hours. The latest version still has a few bugs that I fixed the compile goal has-been running for over 24 hours and is still not done. So I am posting what I have. If I manage to compile the revised version of I will post it as a separate file so members can judge me based on what I had finished by the deadline.


- Please read the instructions in the game, they provide the story online, explain controls, and show you what you are up against. They are not just some cheesy instruction pages.

- Note the slight drift on the instruction page making it look like the cockpit is actually flying.

- Note that the X-wing firing alternates from the left and right wing.

- Note that firing reduces the energy picture and after about 4 shots you need to let the photon energy recharge. The scale for photons is shown on the bottom right.

- Being hit by Mark Enemy fire (except T-fighter rockets) drains shields. After about 5 hits you lose all your shields (next hit kills you). Scale for shields is shown bottom left.

- You can press A to skip the intro animation order, but please watch it at least an once.

- Pressing 1 restarts the level.

- Pressing 2 accesses the Game Menu (Which is also pause).

Level Select

Button 1 = 1

Button 2 = 2

Button A = 3

Button B = 4

Button - = 5

Button + = 6

Level 1 = 1234

Level 2 = 2463

Level 3 = 3645

Level 4 = 4654