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The __update.inf file found in the update partition of a Wii game disc contains a manifest of the included updates, as well as a mastering date and some other metadata.


struct header {
   char timestamp[0x10];  // YYYY/MM/DD
   u32 num_wads;
   u32 padding[3];

struct wad_entry {
  u32 type0;    // 1 for boot2, 2 for IOS, 3 for Systemmenu, 6 for channels -- might be load order?
  u32 attrs;     // bit 0: update is critical, bit 1: reboot is required
  u32 unk1;     // generally 0
  u32 type1;    // 1 for boot2 / IOS, 3 for channels -- might be WAD format type?
  char filename[0x40];     // filename 
  u64 title_id;
  u8 version_major;
  u8 version_minor;
  u8 padding[6];
  char name[0x40];
  char info[0x40];
  u8 unknown[0x120];