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The top of the hierarchy is the database tag. Inside of this, there are 4 sub-types. When adding a title, you should chose the category which best represents the title type. They are self explanatory.

  • <SYS>
  • <IOS>
  • <VC>
  • <WW>

Note: With <VC>, you must specify a console as well. This is done with a type attribute, for instance: <VC type="N64">. Here are the consoles supported (currently all existing):

  • C64
  • NEO
  • NES
  • SNES
  • N64
  • TG16
  • TGCD
  • MSX
  • SMS
  • GEN
  • ARC

Within the category, the details of the title can be added with the following tags.

  • <name> - The descriptive name of the title
  • <titleID> - The title ID of the title. End with XX if the title is region based.
  • <version> - The decimal version(s) of the title available on NUS.
  • <region> - The region(s) of the title available on NUS.
  • <ticket> - Boolean; whether or not the title has a ticket available.
  • <danger> - A description of why the title could be dangerous to install/tamper with.

Enough said, here's an example...

<name>News Channel</name>