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TypeSystem tool
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel
Wiimote1.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot
This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

Please read the entire Readme before running the Priiloader installer.

Priiloader is a modded version of Preloader. Just like Preloader, Priiloader places itself in boot sequence before the system menu. By this Priiloader has the ability to:

  • Patch memory just like StartPatch or Preloader. hacks_hash.ini should be on the sd in sd:/apps/priiloader (only once, they get copied to NAND) and can be found here.
  • Save the user's Wii from banner & other kind of bricks that aren't ios/boot2/nand corruption related
  • Start something else than System Menu on power up (a dol file, BootMii, Homebrew Channel)

This tool modifies the normal behavior of the Wii System and therefore can cause unexpected problems if handled incorrectly.

It is recommended to install Priiloader only on a Wii with unmodified IOSs.

You agree that you install this tool at your own risk, and that the author can not be held

responsible for any damages caused by either using or installing this tool.

Direct questions and suggestions through Priiloader's GitHub, #priiloader on or through email.


  • Bad_Ad84: Thanks for the motherboard & infectus!
  • Black.Pearl & Bad Uncle for the font merging :D
  • wiidev IRC channel: I learned alot thx to you guys. and thanks for not banning me :P
  • F_GOD & Lukegb: Thanks for all the testing!
  • PhpGeek: Nice installer. wouldn't have gotten this far without the NAND code info
  • If you helped me, and you aren't in that list, then I forgot you but I can't thank you enough :)


0.10: Kappa (09 September 2023)

  • New Features
    • Add vWii compatability !
    • Add ability to load Wii and gamecube discs
      • this ignores region of the discs
      • this also does not apply any hacks
    • Add setting to prioritize USB access over SD
    • Priiloader can revive your plants through zombism
    • Added Support for System Menu 1.0
    • Show Priiloader after installation
      • Priiloader will launch when booting System Menu
    • Added new hacks
      • Block disc autoboot
      • Remove Deflicker
    • Refactor device access
      • Priiloader no longer waits for the usb drive to respond when mounting
    • Added Return to installed file
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Fix launching channels from another region
      • this only applies to channels launched by priiloader
    • Refactor the region free hacks on SM < 4.3
    • Fix Online updates after my host broke it (again)
    • Correctly check for the gamecube shutdown flag
    • Fix clearing bss section with .elf files
    • Fix typo in installer
    • Fix launching SM on IOS < 28
    • Fix dvd active check
    • Refactor meta.xml parsing
    • Refactor versioning in priiloader
    • set screen to black before loading title or binary
    • fix hacks randomly not being loaded correctly
    • various hacks_hash changes

0.9.1: Flex Tape time!(03 April 2021)

  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Fixed possible caching issue when clearing a dol's BSS
    • Fixed crash when 18 hacks would be shown in the hacks menu
    • Fixed crash when 18 dol/elfs would be shown in the binaries menu
    • Fixed crash when 18 titles would be shown in the launch title menu
    • Fixed loading dol/elf arguments from nand if there are none
    • Fixed some memory leaks
    • Show error when user tries to enter menu using front buttons but is denied access

0.9: Itsa Prii, can't get rid of mii(20 September 2020)

  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Reworked dol & SysMenu loading code.
    • We can load -any- DOL or ELF now
    • this removes the entrypoint restriction
    • Fixed setting dol arguments
    • Reworked the hacks parser & loading code
    • Hacks menu is now scrollable
    • Changed Priiloader's Nand bootcode
    • Installer source is open source again
    • Added decent vWii detection code to the installer
    • Fixed a few online beta update version display bugs
    • restart checking controllers if launching HBC failed
    • libogc upgrade to 2.1.0
      • Improved keyboard compatibility
      • Improved 420p video output
    • fixed loading binary arguments
    • Reduce Priiloader size by loading the certs of NAND
  • New Features
    • Added the first Wii-mini hacks
    • Added option to use front buttons to navigate
    • Added offset support in the hacks
    • Added support for comments in the hacks
    • Added USB Keyboard support
      • Meant for Wii-mini
      • Works on all Wii's
      • Mapping is as follows :
        • A = Enter
        • B = Esc
        • X = X
        • Y = Y
        • Start = Spacebar
        • Arrow keys : directions
      • Hold escape to stop autoboot and enter the menu

0.8.2 : Why won't you let me die!(10 October 2017)


  • Added support for open HBC
  • refuse installation on WiiU(vWii)

(using a dirty check from Joostin)

  • added option to shutdown to a certain app


  • fixed arguments stuff when booting dol/elf files
  • Added magic word to force autoboot ( 'Abra' )

0.8.1 : DacoTaco's Wild Appearance(27 August 2015)

  • Fixed 'Save Settings' in Hacks menu
  • Fixed small UI issues
  • Changed rev numbers to GIT hash numbers

0.8 : DacoTaco's Meh (29 July 2015)

  • Fixed Gc controller when updating
  • Fixed some DVD drive accessing bugs
  • Fixed some changelog displaying issues
  • added support for the new HBC
  • check apps on USB if SD has none
  • changed magicword to 0x817FEFF0 (for techinical reasons. old magicwords still work; but it is recommended to switch)
  • fixed random small bugs
  • new libogc -> new wiimotes supported
  • fixed loading compressed dols
  • fixed title menu crash
  • fixed installer some more
  • Dropped language mods.
  • set black background as default
  • added argument + ahbprot support for dols
  • all dols use IOS 58,61 or 38(with ahbprot)
  • EasterEgg removed
  • Gecko output will now be dumped to fat:/prii.log

0.7 : God's Goodbye(04 april 2011)

  • fixed SM update bug
  • fixed title launching on some wii's(part 2, fully working now. patch was passed on to libogc)
  • fixed listing of binaries when there is no apps folder
  • refuse to load binaries that wont load anyway
  • do dvd shutdowns async to increase booting time of dol's & titles
  • ANOTHER attempt to fix the installer, this time it reloads ios so it kills all ahbprot issues from before. (see )
  • moved hacks_hash / hacks.ini access back to fat:/apps/priiloader just like preloader

0.6 : God is here (24 Dec 2010)

  • Fixed Title Booting on some Wiis (issue 130)
  • Fixed the installer for HBC
  • Fixed the SHA1 hash production while updating
  • Fixed Online updating changelog
  • added/fixed Easter Egg (go find it!)
  • Added play_rec creation when launching title
  • made load/install binary load fat:/apps/ folder
  • Increased USB Support(thanks TT)
  • Changed the Hacks method (see SVN or Preloader/Priiloader/hacks)
  • change memory management to use mem2 instead giving priiloader a big speedboost

0.5 : DacoTaco strikes Back (29 Aug 2010)


  • Redesigned a bit of the installer. it is now using the HW_AHBPROT flag set by HBC and no longer requires a patched ios when run from HBC 1.0.7 or above. if it is run from < 1.0.7 then it still requires a patched IOS.
    NOTE: the redesigned part of the installer is closed source for now cause of the used code
  • Booting a Dol/Title now stops the DVD drive as well
  • Titles list is now forced to display in english
  • Dropped Support of Cios
  • Added support for Homebrew channel 1.0.7&1.0.8 booting & reloading (in case of a DSI crash)
  • Added online Updating (full versions and beta versions. also language mods are available)
  • Added a password backdoor incase you forgot the password.To change the password temporary to "BackDoor" press on the Password Screen "1" and then 4 times "2" on the Remote or "Y" and 4 times "X" on GC/Classic.
  • Added System Menu TMD patching for HW_AHBPROT so that applications started by Priiloader can enjoy the fun too
  • Fixed rare bug when Show Debug info was on and reset was pressed
  • Fixed some USB stuff
  • Fixed some title booting stuff (removed & moved to SD titles are not listed anymore)
  • Fixed the green bar that could show when booting system menu
  • Fixed .elf binary loading

0.4 : Death of the Memory Hog and revenge of the IOSith (5 April 2010)

  • Added support of all versions of the EU/US system menus (JP/KR are untested)
  • New entrypoint. this means:
    • Old forwarders should work again.
    • Many other memory related restrictions should be gone.
  • Added support for more USB hard drives.
  • Added an option to ask for a password either when entering Priiloader menu or doing autoboot.
    NOTE: this can lock you out of your own Wii. Please be very careful with this.
  • Added a menu to list all installed Wiiware/VC titles and start one.
  • Added a new magic word to force system menu to be started. (The word is "Pune")
  • Added an option to redirect Gecko output to the screen instead of to a USBGecko.
    NOTE: this slows down Priiloader DRASTICALLY
  • Fixed loads of minor bugs.

0.3b (16 Jan 2010)

  • Change and fixed IOS Stub detection. All known IOS' are detected like they should. thank you Attila
  • Changed Autoboot setting so it would start system menu when having just updated/installed Priiloader
  • Fixed Hacks.ini bug when it was made in linux (or any ini that doesn't have windows' \r\n newlines and uses \n instead)
  • Fixed Bootstate handling. We should now handle all known bootstates correctly("invalid" bootstate 255 included). all unknown bootstates load priiloader instead
  • Fixed Bug with USB drives that could crash System menu
  • Fixed the Wii Blue Light on wiimail issue (when standby, forgot to merge the light init code from phpgeek)
  • Fixed Background issues when changing colour and not saving settings
  • Fixed various video related bugs ( out of screen text, text on top of the other, ... )
  • Fixed some ES_Identify Bugs (in a hacky way) when not using system menu IOS for system menu
  • Reload Hacks completly when LoadHacks() is called and hacks were already loaded once
  • Added the checksum function from priiloader to the installer. If the checksum fails it asks the user what to do. It checks when:
    • Copying (installation of priiloader) the System menu app
    • Restoring (uninstall of priiloader) the System menu app
    • after Writing the Priiloader app (the checking installation part)
  • Added basic HBC Stub Loading. If priiloader (or a dol loaded by priiloader) crashes you can press reset to load HBC
  • Added possibility to boot System Menu if no wiimote is detected. after 15 seconds priiloader booted press reset to boot system menu
  • Added a check when loading/installing binaries to see if the SD/USB is still present or not

0.2 (16 Dec 2009)

  • Fixed bug with USBGecko
  • Fix some elf loading
  • Fixed random (with very low % to actually happen) crash when loading dol/elf caused by wiimote
  • Fixed Bootstate bug which made the health check pop up when resetting wii(or returning to wii settings)
  • Merged the old black theme with the new white one (thanks BlackPearl & Bad Uncle! ). They are changable in the settings.
  • Stopped priiloader from reloading ios if the chosen IOS = the already loaded IOS (in most cases System menu IOS)
  • Added Stub IOS Detections when loading bootmii ios or IOS for System Menu. Only IOS 21 seems to be detected as stub...
  • Added a check on boot so some apps can reboot/launch system menu and force priiloader to show up (see
  • Re-added USB support. USB is used if SD is not found
  • Added Sanity checks when installing priiloader

0.1 (6 Nov 2009)

NOTE: Changes on top of preloader 0.30
  • added autoboot Bootmii IOS
  • added Bootmii IOS booting option to menu
  • let Priiloader remount SD on a lot of occasions
  • try and boot the HAXX Homebrew Channel title ID if JODI isn't found
  • various file access bug fixes
  • priiloader no longer needs ES_DIVerify for system menu booting. However, if a different IOS is chosen to run system menu with it still needs the hack/patch
  • killed the DVD spin bug (crediar forgot to close the DVD drive in IOS)
  • fixed file booting (thx phpgeek)