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The SDK (internally known as RVL_SDK) is a set of libraries linked with every official Broadway title, containing general functions, and implementing an OS. It is responsible for sending calls to IOS, and is responsible for other features such as the HOME Menu and Bluetooth/Wiimote code. Because of the Wii's architecture, it is impossible for Nintendo to update the SDK in every title, although it may be possible with homebrew.

SDK versions generally correspond to major IOS versions, however, this is not an exact correspondence; one notable example is the SDK version used in Red Steel, which has a HOME Menu with different sounds.


Many libraries can be identified by a string saying << RVL_SDK - NAME; this string also contains build info. However, libraries without that string can be identified by their functions, as all function names start with the library name.

Name Function
OS Full name is Revolution OS; responsible for things like context switching
RFL Full name is "Revolution FaceLib". For handling Miis.
MP Unknown
NCD Network related?
NWC24 The WiiConnect24 API Library. Responsible for WiiConnect24 functions.
WPAD The Low Level Wiimote Library.
EXI EXI related?
GX Responsible for the GX
NAND Responsible for performing NAND operations, both the standard operations and the /dev/fs operations.
SC Responsible for managing /shared2/sys/SYSCONF.
VI Video related?
AI The Audio Interface.
AX Audio Mixing.
DSP DSP related?
DVD Responsible for reading files from Wii discs.
SI Unknown
CNT Content API Library. Responsible for reading the contents of a Wii Title.
CNTCACHE Unknown. Interacts with /shared2/cntcache.txt before deleting it.
KPAD The High Level Wiimote Library
KBD On-screen keyboard?
KPR Unknown
HBM Possibly short for "Home Button Menu;" The HOME Menu Library.
IPC Handles communication with IOS
DEMO Allows text to be printed on the screen. Used on discs such as the Wii Backup Disc.