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TypeConsole emulator
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot


This project is based on the atari 2600 opensource emulator called stella. You can find the original sources on its sourceforge page:

This version uses the same sources than the original. It uses wii-linux to run on a wii, cwiid for wiimote interface, and the SDL libraries for this system.

What you need

  • A console ready to run homebrew
  • Wiimote
  • SDCard


  • Copy the "app" and "stella" directories (and its contents) to the root of yout SDCard.
  • Put your roms inside the "stella" directory, in the root of your sdcard
  • Put the SDCard on the front slot sdcard adapter of your wii
  • Launch the Homebrew channel, and load the Stella´s .dol file


Step-by step:

  • Select StellaWii in HBC (Or launch via your favourite method)
  • White text on black background will appear (Don't press anything)
  • Wait 30 seconds and the orange GUI should appear
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Press 1+2 on Wiimote, wiimote lights should flash
  • Wait 30 seconds, wiimote lights should stop flashing
  • Turn the wiimote on it's side as shown below

Menu Controls

WiimoteHorizontal.svg Action
Wiimote 1 Button + Wiimote 2 Button Register Wiimote. Wait until orange GUI appears and then press 1+2 and wait for LEDs to stop flashing.
Wiimote D-Pad Up / Wiimote D-Pad Down Move up and down in rom list
Wiimote A Button Enter (select an option or the rom)
Wiimote B Button Tabulator (to navigate through the menu buttons)

In Game Controls

Player 1 Player 2 Action
WiimoteHorizontal.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg -
Wiimote D-Pad Nunchuck Control Stick Arrows
Wiimote 1 Button Nunchuck C Button Pad Button
Wiimote - Button - F1 (Reset)
Wiimote + Button - F2 (Select)
Wiimote B Button - Show settings menu in game
Wiimote HOME Button - Escape (to return to "rom select" menu)

Thanks to

  • The gc-linux team for their effort in porting linux to the wii console
  • The stella team, for their great emulator
  • The CWiid develeoppers, for their great applications to interface the wiimote