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Bot mess, keep ego down

Okay, since Acadien brought his bots down because he was offended by some action by someone, which I am not going to tell. But we have to continue. Here is a list of the event from my perspective:

  • Acadien gave Athenon the bot configs, Athenon brought in WiiBot, which got OP'd.
  • I, mattgentl and Muzer have full acces to it, and tried to re-setup the rights.
  • Muzer let lukegb bring in his bots, they got OP too. Wiibot and his bots got connected, and stuff went ok.
  • Warpedfla and others didn't like this, talked about bringing in Austins bots, I saw their talk but had to sleep.
  • This was also my and Austins plan, but lukegb was quicker.
  • Now I see lukegb's bots got kicked out and Austins bots became the bots.
  • Some got irritated by the kick-behavior of WiiBot when trying to OP the bots, and wanted him away.
  • This is the exact same behavior are Acadiens bots had.
  • So now Athenon took his bot down, being offended himself.

Solution please

We need a solution, so, go, like a real community, put your ideas here, instead of taking unthought actions yourself.

Dykam 08:34, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

As i said in the channel I am not that fussed. I tried to put Austins bots in charge as lukegb does not actually have ops and having his bots as op kinda defeats the point of that :S I also didnt mind having wiibot in there and suggested keeping him as backup in case Ausing runs off like AcAdIeN did (yes Austin i know you say you wont :P)

Sorry if my actions seemed "unthought" but Earlier in the day we had agreed to this.. Muzer just randomly opped lukegb's bots lol so when I came along later I swapped it to what we had kind of agreed

13:40, 1 February 2010 (UTC)Warpedflash