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Hi there.Ist there any posibility to change .xz to .gz or simply .tar? My Ubuntu and Windows aren't able to decompress your .xz file. Thank you!!!

Developer Documentation?

I'm currently trying to update Wiitoo on the Wii itself, it's painfully slow (as its running on an SD card and all) and I'm wondering how the Wiitoo devs themselves developed this port, since outright creating a fully updated version is a more attractive option to simply distcc upgrading it (and less strain on the SD card, too) as well as modifying it with some rather nice features (a newer kernel, external hard drive booting instead of SD cards, etc, etc)

If anyone has any info on this, feel free to add it here/on my page =) --IntelMiner 08:47, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

DHCPCD missing in the latest release ?

I think dhcpcd is missing in the latest release. My workaround was to copy a dhcpcd source tarball and compile it myself. Once you manage to connect to internet, then "emerge dhcpcd" fixes things.