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AAAAARGH!!!!! Infrequent Editor
This page is most likely old.
If it looks ugly now, deal.
I'll fix it... Eventually. Maybe.

Bubacxo (Pronounced Boo-Baa-Choh), is the easier-to-type version of the Esperanto word 'Bubaĉo', which means both 'Pickle' & 'Very Naughty Boy'. A double entendre if ever I heard one.

Plus, having the real-life nickname of Pickle doesn't hurt too much.

Disclaimer: Just because the Username is in Esperanto, please don't start talking to me in Esperanto. It's a passing hobby. I check in on it every year or so. Probably won't finish learning it since it keeps changing & i'm too lazy.

Ideas I wish Someone would implement, since I am unable to code them myself

Port: Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss --DOS, PSX(J)--
The PSX(J) version might work real nice-like with the Wiimote.

Port: Dragon Force --Saturn, PSX(J)--
Or, just update Yabause so it will play that game at least...

Port: The Elder Scrolls - Daggerfall --DOS--
Again, the view would work well with the wiimote, plus the attack style was already similar to Wiimote gestures with the mouse.

Admission of Moochery

I know I am not doing anything useful for the community so far. I may fiddle with Dev-ing & see if I can produce something useful or fun... but until I announce I am working on something, feel free to take any Idea I put up here. I don't consider them mine per se until I start work.