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I'm a junior at Cinco Ranch High School in Katy, Texas. I have some experience with scripting languages and markup languages, but I am only now getting into compilers in AP Comp Sci (Java... blech). Also, I know too much about Linux.

A Wiibrew Sonnet

Once upon a time, in my dull shack
I stumbled 'pon the GameFAQs Message Boards.
It told me of the quirky Twilight Hack
And how it simply entertained the hordes.
I moved my save onto the SD Card
Then talked to the kind man in front of Link.
With lines of code, my Wii was instantly marred;
With Homebrew Channel, my Wii would not stink.
I browsed through pages of cool homebrew games
While I started to download some good ones.
My warranty had sadly gone up in flames
But I cared not; of good apps I had tons.
So hats off to Team Twiizers, and the rest
Who helped in making Wii Homebrew the best.

Raster to vector

A while back, I started a raster-to-vector project (which Flark took over, but he doesn't want to admit it) for this wiki. All the icons in Category:Controller Buttons and Template:Icon templates were done. When I did this, I kinda realized how the upload doesn't cooperate with you, and how the file sometimes doesn't show up after you upload it. :P

Wii Remote Aim
Wiimote + Button
Classic a Button
Classic b Button
Classic x Button
Classic y Button
Classic L Trigger
Classic R Trigger
Wiimote 1 Button
Wiimote 2 Button
Wiimote HOME Button Classic HOME Button
Guitar Hero Control Stick
USB Keyboard
Nintendo DS
Wiimoteplus.svg I even made this one myself Somebody wrote over it with a better version. :(