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The author of ThemeShooterTk. Long-time Wii-owner and homebrew user, only recently made an account on Wiibrew. More cross-platform utilities may be made in the future... My (fail of a) website is currently here [1]

I currently have two projects for the Wii brewing: "artificial stupidity" and "echowisdom"

The former is a port (of sorts) of a python port of one of my first bash scripts where the user had a "conversation" (using that term very lightly) with the program. Back then it was mostly a test of variable input and output and's mostly the same, using a more complex method of input relying on the wiimote's dpad to cycle through available letters, A to confirm letter, B to backspace and + to enter string. It's buggy and unfinished as a whole but I may release it at some point with full source so newbies to Wii coding can see how to get input from the user for console programs without relying on a keyboard (virtual or USB).

The latter can be thought of as a Proof of Concept re-implementation of the old UNIX fortune program. Rather than port fortune, fortune-mod or any similar program I thought it would be better to make something simple for Wii that would simply read random fortunes from standard fortune text files, ignoring features that determine length of each fortune, categories, ratios, etc of modern fortune programs. "echowisdom" isn't quite a simplified fortune port yet though, at the moment it searches for the wisdom.txt fortune cookie file, reads each line into memory, stores all the lines into a string, separates that string using "%" to determine individual fortunes then randomly picks one of the individual wisdom fortunes whenever the user presses A.