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This is the user page for JSMaster!!!

About Me

My name is Aaron Lehrian, and I live in Florida. I have a huge background in web-programming, as I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, RSS, SMIL, and MySQL syntax. Now that I have mastered the internet, I decided to take the plunge into programming with C++. I started with C, and never completely grasped it until I was told to learn C++ and to start using classes to make programs object-oriented. I eventually grasped C++, along with wii programming. One thing I never learned, though, is designing in general. I SUCK at designing anything, from websites, to gui's.

I am currently developing a program called WiiConnect a program called ERS, and I am working with scanff to create WiiBrowse.


My E-mail address is I have a blog at