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Hi Folks,

French, 38, Big fan of Nintendo for 20 years.

I'm updating every day the database.txt used by RedSquirrel for his MOD od AnyTitleDeleter. I'm "in charge" of the Disc Based Games ONLY, Feel free to update any other part (wiiware, etc...)

I will post the update every month.

Big hello to : Red Squirrel, Hermes, Dack, Team Twiizers, Waninkoko, Mr.Zouzou, WiiBrew people, Homebrew coders, etc...

Play against me on WFC as [WA] OPIK

I'm OPIK on Wii-addict, Elotrolado, EntuWii, GBATemp, Gueux and WiiBrew. Any other OPIK on any other site is not me. Feel free to contact me on any of these site if you want to play with me on COD5, MKWii, etc...