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TypeSimulation game
LicenceGNU FDL
Wiimote1.svg WiiMote2.svg Wii Wheel Loads files from the Front SD slot SensorBar.svg

TronCycles is an open-source game written in C++, using devkitPPC, GRRLIB and technik's Revolution Engine. It's based off of the light-cycle sequence in the movie TRON. TronCycles started as a homebrew project for the PSP and was originally coded in LUA. As I tried to move it over to C++, I came across many limitations due to the PSP's insufficient hardware. So I decided to rewrite the game for Wii instead. If you've ever played a light-cycle game (e.g. Armagetron), you know how fun and addictive light-cycle racing can be.

I wrote a semi-working 2D demo using GRRLIB, but I've discontinued the 2D version to make way for the 3D version, and hope to have a Beta release soon. Currently, I'm trying to figure out how specific data is sent to the accelerometers, for use in the Tilt controls to be implemented after the initial release. Eventually, there were be a settings menu that will allow you to switch the controls between using the D-Pad and using Tilt control. I believe this will make the game a bit more realistic and accurate to the way the cycles were controlled in the movie.


The Gameplay is simple: destroy your opponents by crashing them into lightcycle walls or map walls. Try not to crash yourself! The options menu will include the ability to customize the color of your lightcycle and it's trail.

  • Gameplay is in 3D
  • D-Pad or Wiimote Tilt Control
  • Different gameplay modes:
    • 1P versus Computer
    • 1P versus 2P
    • Online Multiplayer? (later release)
  • Change the color of your cycle/trail
  • Mini-map HUD
  • Screenshots save to SD:/APPS/TronCycles/scr


TronCycles Menu
TronCycles3D (Win Version)
TronCycles3D (Wii Version)
TronCycles3D (Wii Version)


Menu Controls
Wiimote.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim Move Pointer
Wiimote A Button Select Option
Wiimote - Button Take Screenshot
Wiimote HOME Button Exit to HBC
Game Controls
WiimoteHorizontal.svg Wii Wheel Action
Wiimote D-Pad Left Tilt Left Pivot Left
Wiimote D-Pad Right Tilt Right Pivot Right
Wiimote + Button Wiimote + Button Pause/In-Game Menu
Wiimote - Button Wiimote - Button Take Screenshot
Wiimote HOME Button Wiimote HOME Button Exit to HBC

To do list

  • Implement Tilt-Turning Control
  • Add Mini-Map HUD
  • Add Game Options/Settings
  • Add Pause Menu
  • Add Countdown to Start Game
  • Add Trail Walls
  • Rewrite Collision Detection
  • Write CPU AI
  • Fix Sounds
  • Fix texture holes in map
  • Fix camera follow bugs
  • Fix player movement


3D Version

0.0.4 - 09/20/2010

  • Migrated all code to REV 0.5.1
  • New cycle models
  • New cycle textures, with option to change texture in-game
  • Fixed player movement
  • More coming...

0.0.3 - 10/18/2009

  • Migrated all code to REV 0.4alpha3
  • Cleaned up code
  • Fixed follow cam bugs (thanks technik)
  • Fixed texture tiling

0.0.2 - 07/28/2009

  • Migrated all code to REV 0.4alpha2
  • More work on the cameras
  • Fixed texture holes in map
  • Cycle follow cam (still buggy)
  • Basic movement
  • Rescaled all objects to manageable dimensions

0.0.1 - 06/28/2009

  • Imported screenshot function
  • Added some basic model texturing (no tiling yet)
  • Added cycle & map models
  • Added some basic sounds (still buggy)
  • 2 Player support
  • Added "Credits" screen
  • Menu selection rumble
  • Full menu system