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Hi, i am not a Dev in any way. but i highly respect all of your work, not just TT, ALL OF YOU GUYS/GIRLS. But i got my Wii august 2008, it has a old boot1. i have spent countless hours and dollars on my Wii. I haven't been playing it much recently until NSMB came out. Now iv been playing it every day again.

I Was excited to update my Wii when i got the 4.2 message. horrified when bootmii and Homebrew Channel were gone. i just didnt think nintendo was going to do it soon... i figured they wouldn't mess with boot2, also that they wouldn't have gotten everything in one swoop. lucky for me it was a poor attempt. im happy to know that i have Super smash, Lego Indy Jones. i wonder after bannerbombV2 gets blocked, if he will make one for save banners, LOL... And if they block HBC new title id, if they will change the new Title ID to HAXXX, LOL.

Favorite homebrew Stuff:

Bootmii in boot2, MPlayer CE, Wiixplorer, Homebrew Channel, FCE Ultra GX, Snes9x GX, and Visual Boy Advance GX. (Note: that list is not in a specific order)

Thanks to any one out there developing! Even if your just trying and failing. =P