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Hella yes, u are in mah personal page! Ur pc will get raped asap, just sit and wait.. Nah jk, i'm LemonBoy aka The Lemon Man, i'm 15 and i'm italian. I'm always busy with spare stuff but i always find some time to help people so if you need coding help just ask :D.

Hackish stuff :

  • loadmii.
  • SignCheck.
  • Taiko.
  • The_HOMEbrew_Menu_Standard_Library, i coded the GRRLIB port.
  • Some decompressors for nintys hackish archives.
  •, a python framework to handle in a easy way anything wii related, ive wrote the dvd interface (with the help of matt_p and blasty too), the settings.txt and the loc.dat handlers, the savegame decompressor, a ccf archiver/unarchiver and the lz77 0x11 decompressor
  • A mips emulator
  • A fat driver made from scratch :D

Contacts :

If you want to get in touch with me just fire up your IRC client and join #wiihelp, #wiidev or #HACKERCHANNEL (we moved to freenode!), i'm quite always there :D