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Below are the rules for #wiihelp. Do not discuss them with the Operators. Always check the rules for possible updates. You can do this by typing !rules in #wiihelp.

  1. NO PIRACY (or back-ups, in here they are the same thing)! We're happy to help you get the latest emulator working but you'll be kicked (or banned) if you ask where to get ROMs etc. Asking how to install VC / WiiWare games or where to get them will get you an instant ban as will asking for .ISOs or asking for support of modchips or any other piracy or backup-related topics. (For the purposes of this channel, the term "softmod" shall be defined as "any software installable to the wii that will allow you to play illegally obtained wii games". Softmodding in and of itself is illegal, and therefore it and anything pertaining to it falls under the category of piracy. Softmodding does NOT mean "installing homebrew channel", "homebrewing your wii", or anything of that nature. Further, a "hardmod" is the same as a softmod, except that it is a hardware chip physically installed into your wii. Together, these are referred to as "mods" and are therefore illegal and fall under the piracy rule.)
  2. As a continuation of the previous rule, the following things are disallowed unless you can provide a good reason to use them: patched IOSes (apart from bootmii), WADs of any kind
  3. There is no need to ask 'Can I ask a question' - just jump straight in with it
  4. No offtopic talk. This is particularly annoying for those trying to ask legitiate questions. There are other channels for off topic wii chat (try #wiidevot). Ops have the final word on what is and what isn't offtopic and offenders will be kicked and then banned
  5. We have all the ops that we need - do not ask to be an op. If you are a regula helper you may be promoted to have voice and should we need more ops we will promote from there
  6. No IRC scripts / bots without permission (but as long as the bot is not annoying or obtrusive, we will likely not decline). This includes autorejoin and away messages (apart from non-intrusive ones - ones that do not count as a real message, for example changing nicks or using /away)
  7. Flooding / autojoin there are bots in place to stop this. Persistent offenders will be banned
  8. No flaming (insulting / abusing other users)
  9. For more detailed dev help try #wiidev and for low level info try #hackmii. #wiidevot should be used for offtopic. Do not post links to other channels apart from these (though if it is not piracy-related and will genuinely help, it tends to be allowed).
  10. Our bots are here to help. Abuse of commands such as !seen and the searches will get you kicked.
  11. Don't talk in CAPITAL letters, people will find this anoying and will only ignore you
  12. Don't advertise websites or channels unless they contain useful information relating to the problem at hand. Always use Wiibrew if possible.