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Author(s)SquidMan, crediar
TypeSystem tool
Wiimote4.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot

WiiMU is a PoC "Channel Launcher" app for the Wii. It eventually aims to completely replace the System Menu in functionality. At the moment it is quite far from that goal, but it does have a start. It currently:

  • Lists all installed Channels. (Does not include those with only a ticket)
  • Allows selection of the Channel to load.
  • Allows launching of a disc.
  • Allows return to loader.
  • Allows return to real System Menu.
  • Has a NAND Dumper. Thanks to Redbird who released YaWnD, I was able to add this to the release. This is NOT my code, it is Redbirds.
  • Allows you to look at all save files on your Wii. Copying does not work yet.
  • Allows you to look at the configuration settings from your Wii.
  • Has a Main menu. Contains Launch Disc, Launch a channel, dump NAND, return to Wii Menu, browse save files, look at configurations, and return to Loader.
  • You can control the menus with every Wii Remote and every GameCube controller

Please note that at the moment it DOES NOT REPLACE ANY SYSTEM FILES! It may eventually get to that point, but currently it is far from it. Only stable versions will be released with source.


No requests currently. The graphics request has been canceled.


Load (using whatever method you feel like) and enjoy the textual goodness.

Running Through Homebrew Channel

You need to rename the .elf file and convert it to a .dol file (or valid .elf file) before it can run under HBC:

  1. Download the archive from the link above and copy hbc.zip/WiiMU into an empty directory
  2. Rename WiiMU.elf to boot.elf
  3. Download ELF to DOL Converter and copy the elf-dol_converter and powerpc-gekko-objcopy files into your empty directory
  4. Run the elf-dol_converter script
  5. Move your WiiMU directory under the "apps" directory on your SD card


The latest changes are available in the github repository.


  • Added Configuration Modification! Thanks tona for sysconf.c!
  • Added option to dump without ECC for use with Zestig.
  • Translated most menus to the 7 Wii languages.
  • Allows you to choose which IOS to load games with.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Adds GameCube game support. Now Launch Game will load both Wii and Gamecube games!
  • TODO: Adds built in updater.


  • Lots of stuff this release!
  • Fixes the bug which caused certain users to not get channel lists.
  • Adds a Save Manager which currently lists the save files. Copying currently does not work.
  • Adds a configuration menu, which, at this current point only displays the configuration.
  • Cleans up a lot of code.
  • Lots of thanks to crediar, who worked on a lot of stuff while I was taking a break from the scene.


  • Fixes a bug in which PAL users would be switched to NTSC
  • (Hopefully) Fixes a bug which cause users of Firmwares other than 3.2U to not be able to grab the channel list.
  • Adds a main menu.
  • Adds a NAND Dumper (Thanks Redbird!)
  • Adds some wiilight functions.


  • First release.
  • Uses Wiimote.
  • Launches Channels through a text interface.