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TypeSimulation game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel
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WiiPhysics is a physics playground for the Wii, much like Crayon Physics or PocketPhysics. It uses Box2D and libwiisprite.

Project Info


Demo video of WiiPhysics 2.1 in action:


The svn repository can be found here: wiiphysics.googlecode.com.


Enjoy wiiphysics so much that you feel obligated to buy a beer for the developer? Feel free, I like beer!


Coming Soon - Contact me to beta test the current development build

  • Changelog:
    • +Added holding B to pan camera with cursor
    • +Reset Camera on delete all objects
    • +Added delete button (to selectively remove objects)
    • +Added Camera button for setting camera (or you can still use 1)
    • +Added Save/Load logic for saving and loading worlds
      • +place wii physics files in /apps/wiiphysics/
    • +Added on screen keyboard for saving to file.
    • +Added Save/Load Buttons
    • +Added New Rubber Band Joint, for all your elasticity needs
    • +Added new open pen mode, you can now draw closed polygons or lines. (line rider anyone?)
    • +Added zoom for clouds based on distance in sky (Realism Enhancement)

2008.10.26 - v2.2.0b

    • HBC 9 compatabile

2008.08.31 - v2.2.0

  • Changelog:
    • +Added Weld Joint
    • +Added a second player (with limited capability)
      • (Second player can drag, toss, freeze, unfreeze shapes)
    • +Fixed Jumping of pen drawn shapes on create
    • +Fixed placement of pin (proper pin joints now)
    • +Added realistic grass.
    • +Fixed bugs and crashes. (Specficially related to pully)
    • +Restructured backend data management system.
    • +Fixed pointer detection for selecting rectangles.
    • +Added Support Button
    • +Increased Object Limits

2008.08.27 - v2.1.0

  • Changelog:
    • +Added fully scrollable world with ground
      • up, down, left, right to pan (Or just move the pointer to the edge of the screen)
    • +Added minimap for scrolling around world
    • +Added ability to fix camera to an object for easy following around world
      • Hit 1 on any object to attach camera (works best on circles and squares)
      • (To detach, just hit 1 anywhere on the screen)
    • +Added sky, with dynamic clouds
      • (You now know when you are in freeze b/c the clouds stop moving)
    • +Fixed jumping of rectangles on draw
    • +Lots of bug fixes

2008.08.25 - v2.0.0

  • Changelog:
    • +Added pen joint for moving dynamic objects
      • -You can now "Throw" objects
    • +Added distinction between objects that are frozen and mobile to make it obvious to the user whats frozen
    • +Fixed some bugs (Including crash from drawing small boxes)
    • +Keep objects from jumping when you select them
    • +Improved intro screen
    • +increased pen draw size
    • +started on framework for zoomable worlds

2008.07.08 - v1.3.0

  • Changelog:
    • +In Game Help
    • +Pen Drawing added
    • +Reset Button Added
    • +Added BG Music
    • +Bug fixes
    • +Initial action sounds (Using Sndlib)
    • +Intro Screen while wiiphysics constructs
    • +Main Menu
    • +Added Prismatic (Slider) Joint
    • +Added Settings Menu
    • +Added configurable Color
    • +Added configurable Density
    • +Added Show/Hide Menu Button
    • +Increased world size (no longer hit the bottom with too many objects)
    • +Fixed layout
    • +Reset velocity to 0 if you grab an object
    • +Fixed Freeze Unfreeze (Hit B while you have object selected to swap)
    • +Dynamic Gravity Setting GUI
    • +Dynamic Restitution GUI (Change individual object bouncieness)
    • +Dynamic Friction GUI

2008.06.30 - v1.2

  • Changelog:
    • +Removed need for /data directory, compacting wiiphysics into single boot.elf file
    • +Added Undo Button
    • +Pulleys, Ropes and Gears (Pin) work great now
    • +Improved Icons and layout
    • +Line Drawing works perfect now
    • +Many Bug fixes, clean up

2008.06.29 - v1.1

  • Changelog:
    • +Added Line (Dynamic rectangle) Drawing
    • +Clear Screen Button
    • +Pulley/joint bug fixes to stop crashing!
    • +fixed layout a bit

2008.06.28 - v1.0-Initial Release


To show off some of the things you can do with wiiphysics; I'm going to start doing a weekly contest. No prizes sadly (Unless someone wants to step forward to sponsor and offer up a prize. But, the winner of the contest gets to choose the next weeks contest.) (A winner will be chosen by the wednesday following the contest end date).

  • Currently no contests are underway.

Bug Reporting

Any feature requests/ issues you'd like fixed should be reported here: http://code.google.com/p/wiiphysics/issues/list

Physics Tools Overview

Tools Overview:

  • Select - Use this tool to select objects, hold A to drag them around, hold A on an object and press B to toggle static/dynamic
  • Pen Tool - Hold A and draw a line with the pen. When you release A the ends of the line join up to form a shape.
  • Circle Tool - Press A to place a circle. Use + and - to increase/decrease the size.
  • Square Tool - Press A to place a square. Use + and - to increase/decrease the size.
  • Clear Screen (Bomb) - Clear everything. Useful to make some space, or when things start to lag.
  • Undo - Undo the previous action.


  • Rope Joint - Connect two objects by a rope
    • Click on two Objects to connect them
  • PinJoint - Create a rotation joint using 2 objects
    • Single Click on on an object(s) to set up a rotation relationship
      • Clicking on a single object pins it to the screen. Clicking on two items stacked up pins those objects together (e.g. Ragdolls))
  • Pulley Joint = Click on three objects to set up a pulley system
    • 2nd object is the pulley anchor
  • Prismatic Joint = Click on two points to set up a slider joint.
  • Weld Joint = Click on two objects to weld them together.

Object Control

  • Mobile Objects - Select this to place dynamic objects which move and obey gravity
  • Frozen Objects - Select this to place static objects which stay where you place them

Sim Control

  • Run - Run the simulation.
  • Stop - Freeze/pause the simulation. You should pause to place dynamic objects where you want them.


See in-game help for controls.


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