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There should probably be a way more elaborate page here than this one, but I'll leave this to the capable hands of our Wiibrew wiizards.

Read about Homebrew Channel themes on Hackmii: Theming the Homebrew Channel

Title Author Description Download
HBC Classic drmr The original HBC look! HBC Classic v1.0
Dark Waters drmr The default Dark Waters theme. File:Dark Waters.zip
Cookie Theme Brepic (Jrcolonial98 here) A cookie theme on the HBC. Post comments on the file page. File:HBCtheme InvertedTheme.zip
Cola Theme Earboxer Sepia Tones on the HBC to remind you of Cola. File:HBC Cola.zip
Lime-Green Theme Sonicdude41 A rehash of the HBC Classic theme, modified to be lime-green. File:HBC Lime-Green.zip