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Hey there, reader. I'm Sonicdude41, one of the average joes here at WiiBrew.

I got into the Wii Homebrew scene last year, and I've learned a lot. I love finding out how technology works, both on the software and hardware side. With the Wii's many IOSes and whatnot, it surely makes itself worthy of my interests.

Currently, I'm teaching myself C++, and when I feel that I've got a good foundation, I shall commence to creating homebrew of my own one day. When it comes, be on the look out for me.

If you want to comment on me, or just say hi to me, feel free to do so on my talk page (if that's what that's for... I'm not good with Wikis yet, lol). I'm usually very easy to get along with, so don't be afraid. =)