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| version    = r106
| version    = r106
| download    = http://wiisixtyfour.webs.com/files/nandExtract.zip
| download    = http://wiisixtyfour.webs.com/files/nandExtract.zip
| source      = http://code.google.com/p/wiiqt/source/checkout
| source      = https://github.com/trapexit/wiiqt

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TypePC utility

NandExtract is a tool which can extract some or all files from a nand.bin, as well as examine its contents. You can see all the blocks of the NAND dump as well as view info about the boot sector. It can be compiled on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X using Qt.

The download link is for the Windows version. You also need these DLL files.

Here is a Mac OS X version. You will need to install the Qt SDK from here in order to run it.