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| title      = WiiMarel!
| title      = WiiMarel!

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TypeBoard game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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WiiMarel is a board game originally played in the region of Piemont (Italy).

Have fun ! :)

Rules of the game

17 sheeps and 2 wolves challenge on a board (2 players). 9 sheeps must reach the fold (the square top ). Wolves need to eat the sheeps! Pieces are moves turn by turn, following guide lines. The wolf jumps over a sheep to eat. As long as he can eat, the wolf plays again. Beware, in case you forgot to eat, the wolf is 'blown'.


WiiMarel! marel.jpg


Point and press wiimote A button to select a piece to play. Point a destination and press A to play your move (you'll hear a buzz if a move is not valid). Also, press Wiimote B button to cancel a selection. Home button quits the game.

Thanks to

  • Lorenzo, our missed friend who teached me this game.
  • Minishlink for his great MLlib and support.
  • TT and devkitPro team for making homebrew reality on Wii.


Version 1.0 - First release (2 players mode only)

To do list

  • IA


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