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Black's Dash
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Ported byBlackWhiteEagle
TypeArcade game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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Black´s Dash by BlackWhiteEagle is a Boulder Dash Clone ...WITH A MAPEDITOR/CONVERTER(PC)!!!


Up to 4 Players can play this game. Gamemodes are SINGLEPLAYER/VS,COOP,SPEEDRUN and RACE

Rewritten, extremly enhanced and ported to the WII by BlackWhiteEagle (Matz3)

Thanks to everyone, who made this programming possible mingw-team, sdl, an a big thanks goes to Michal B. with his source code inspiration. And a really big thanks goes to my big beta tester BlackCat!

How to play?

'WII' Hold the WIImote horizontally or reconfigure it under options in the main menu (LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN,1&2 ONLY) Press and hold Button 2 and move into any direction. Release Button 2, to walk again.

A = Select (only Player one!) Plus = Restart level (only Player one!) Minus = Abort game and return to the Gamemenu (only Player one!) Home = Go back to the HBC (only Player one!)

Player 1 only HOME PAUSE/BACK TO MENU/EXIT A + B + PLUS Next level A + B + MINUS Previous level B + PLUS Next music B + MINUS Previous music A + B + 1 + 2 Restart level

'PC' F7 previous music F8 next music F9 previous level F10 next level F11 restart level Control Player1 with Cursorkeys+right Control Control Player2 with WASD+TAB Control Player3 with Numblock8456+0 Control Player4 with IJKL+N

This release includes the following files:

'WII' boot.dol meta.xml icon.png


'PC' blacksdash.exe

  • .dll (Those DLL-Files come originally from and should also work with wine under linux systems)

'WII' blacksdash (Linux-ELF) Note: You must have installed sdl, sdl_image, sdlmixer, etc

     apt-get install libsdl1.2debian libsdl-image1.2 libsdl_mixer1.2

The data is used by all versions!



BlacksDash by Blackwhiteeagle

1.81-1.86 highscorefile for each gamemode bomberdash: ITEM: invulnerable (for some seconds) player looses points if he dies... betatests, bugfixes, small changes and release...

1.80 bomerman items/levelups(maxbombs at the same time, bombrange) put bombs with one pressed key immediately while walking teleporting bombs itemgraphics some bombermanmaps

1.79 NEW GAMEMODE: BOMBERDASH bomberdash own bombexplosion score system for each player bomberdash item levelup

1.78 bomb explosion with range detectionsystem (explosion blocked by wall, stopped by an item, etc.)

1.77 rewritten debug, devoptions, etc.

1.76 player loose one point if dead active bombs cannot be collected - bombermanstyle =)

1.75 highscore for map and whole mappackage (coop/versus only)

1.74 diamonds with random color/playercolor

1.73 added bombs added itemlist(pickup/put bombs, diamonds) extended mapconverter/tileset with bombs

1.72 added gzip compatibility for linux

1.71 many changes...

codecleanup better logic and graphics new textures, transparency, music, sound/music volume added stonegenerator, diamondgenerator, teleporters(from a to b), mower(blocker) teleporters teleport only if destination is free teleporters automatically teleporting objects back after 5 seconds added levelfileparam (leveldesigner) mapinfo save/load configfile playernames better scoreboard game is resizable under win/linux (windowed and fullscreen!) (wii has fixed resolution 640x448) textboxes with border extended mapconverterscript