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This page contains the older Work in progress entries for Chunk Munch

14 aug 2009: Chunk Munch just hit 2000 downloads! I wanted to upload the latest version to celebrate this :-D

13 aug 2009: Added a border to the fonts by rendering in multiple passes around the destination with the reverse color! :-D It might not be optmized, but that can be improved later by adding a pre-rendered glyph rendering system. SDL TTF is very nice again, now that I have found a way to add a quick border around the text.

Added a simple check from IR data to detect on screen cursor, or just don't draw it. I find it strange that the error code of the WPAD_Probe doesn't supply a proper OFF/Detached result. Instead it returns no error... Was not using it properly ;-)

12 aug 2009: Finally found some time for this project again :-P I am planning to add a more to the game this weekend, therefor I might delay releasing untill Monday.

Here is a quick update:

  • Added basic multiplayer co-op, basically it's now a multi-wiimote, all four players work towards 1 score
  • Increased the size of the basic cursor, now in 4 default colors!
  • Experimented with the font, decided to look for a different system. SDL TTF is just too unclear with some test skins
  • Ico support is still not returning proper colors :-(

Todo before next release:

  • Test and try to improve multiple Wii Mote detection (some report on while off, or make a mess of the wiimote handshake (2 player 2 wiimotes, only 1 responds)). On the upside: once the wiimotes are working correctly they stay that way.

Todo to improve Skin support:

  • Add skin XML, containing: menu text color, cursor hot spot, player 1-4 cursor color code, field offset (x & y)
  • Add support for loading multiple skin cursors (we need 4 different cursors now).
  • Add default behavior: if only one cursor found, add a colorcoded number on the cursor

7 aug 2009: Wrong: zoomSurface is giving me the wrong colors, I am trying to solve the issue. Right: It was the ICO support from IMG_Load, discarding ico support.

I think it's because the Wii SDL is not supporting 32 bit surfaces. At least my 'exampleSkin' directory icon loading works :-P I already added some code which will try loading different extensions from subdirectories. If all else fails, it shows the 'default' look for the parts it cannot load / find.

I am expecting to have a stable version with subdirectory skinning support later today.

6 aug 2009: I can now load a background from a skin folder! :-P, the rest of the skinning support is not working yet. the files need to be in just the right format before the Image SDL functions will accept them :-(

I might need to reprogram some of the Icon file loader to make sure it works with standard icons found on the web (which seem to be the best choice to support easy skinning for this game)

5 aug 2009: Working on the first skin, took me about 2 hours to get the code together and whip up some simple testing graphics. Unfortunately it doesn't work yet and I have to get some sleep before work tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a rudimentary skin support update on Friday.